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Side Effects Of Oregano

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Oregano side effectsSide effects of oregano are not very severe but it might be cause of concern for them whouse oregano in different forms. Oregano is a popular herb which is mainly used in Italian and Greek cuisine.  It is used in different forms, as a spice in dishes, in the form of oil and even oregano tea is also very popular. Like any other food items or herbs, oregano has also its own sets of side effects in addition to multitude of health benefits. But, the users of oregano don’t need to worry for this, as the side effects are not life threatening and they occur occasionally. So, let’s have a look on the side effects associated with consuming or using oregano in different forms.


Some Side Effects Of Using Oregano

Oregano benefits are many but the users must be aware of the potential dangers associated with using oregano. It has been found that side effect of oregano does not appear, if taken in moderate amount and in normal health condition. But in case of certain pre – existing disease or over consumption, this useful herb can turn harmful.


Toxic In Nature – Oregano is not harmful but its excess consumption makes it toxic. Our liver is unable to process excess amount of oregano, so if consumed in large quantity, oregano takes the toxic form and adversely affects the body.


Skin Irritation – Oregano oil can cause skin irritation especially in people who are sensitive to this herb. Many cases of rashes, skin allergies have been reported in using oregano oil. In such cases, oregano use should be discontinued.  


Limits The Iron Absorption - Researchers at have observed that intake of oregano in form of tea hinders the absorption of iron in the body. This condition becomes severe during pregnancy, so pregnant women should avoid or limit the consumption of oregano during pregnancy and nursing period.


Stimulates Blood Flow - This is another reason for pregnant women to avoid using oregano. Increased blood flow in pregnant women weakens the lining around the foetus and thus provides harm to the development of foetus.  


Vomiting – Oregano as a spice is bitter in taste. It leaves a lingering taste in mouth if eaten in excess amount. Many people who are allergic to the plants of mint family are not able to resist its taste and ends up in vomiting. Side effect of oregano also includes irritation of stomach and certain gastrointestinal disorders.


These were the side effects of oregano which generally occurs if they are consumed in large quantity. So, oregano users must take care of the amount of oregano intake.


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Side Effects Of Oregano