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Side Effects Of Cinnamon

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Cinnamon side effectsCinnamon has several cooking and culinary usage but certain side effects of cinnamon make us cautious in using this spice. The reports on the negative effects of using cinnamon are not properly documented but it has been found that its usage in excess amount adversely affects the health to a certain extent.


If the spice is used judiciously in foods, it has several health benefits like in regulating diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and so on. On the other side, this is one of the reasons why most people start taking cinnamon in large amount and ultimately suffers with the dangers of cinnamon. So, let’s know more about the cinnamon side effects and the situations where eating cinnamon becomes dangerous for health.


Major Side Effects Of Cinnamon


Irritation Of Stomach Lining


Cinnamon bark tea is considered good for health but several side effects has been observed especially in individuals suffering from ulcers. In such individuals, it is caused to irritate the stomach lining if cinnamon is consumed in large amount. So, person suffering from ulcers should consult a doctor before having cinnamon.


Cinnamon Adversely Affects Pregnant Women


Usage of cinnamon should be restricted in the diet of pregnant women. It adversely effects the growth of infant.


Cinnamon Oil Side Effects


Cinnamon oil has many uses but its ingestion should be completely avoided. While applying it on skin, it should be diluted because its direct application on skin can result into allergic reactions.




Cinnamon has been found to possess anti-clotting properties and so it is advisable fopr persons on blood thinning medication to avoid its usage.


Cinnamon Can Cause Oral Erythema Multiforme


Cinnamon in itself is devoid of major side effects but one of the dangers of cinnamon is a condition called oral erythema multiforme. This condition is induced by cinnamon consumption which further results into surface ulcerations. In addition to surface ulceration, cinnamon also induces extensive swelling of lips. Though the symptoms are severe but they are not worrisome as they can be easily controlled by not using cinnamon in foods.


Cinnamon Results Into Stomatitis


One of the side effects of cinnamon is stomatitis, which is induced by excess consumption of cinnamon. This is a situation where tongue swells extensively due to continuous usage of cinnamon-flavored gum. 


We have seen that side effects of cinnamon are not bothersome. Moreover a person suffers with its side effect only when it is taken in large quantity or he is suffering from pre-existing disease where eating cinnamon is prohibited. So, not to worry much about the negative effects of eating cinnamon, instead use it judiciously in cooking.   


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Side Effects Of Cinnamon