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Side Effects Of Garlic

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Garlic side effectsSide effects of garlic are not be worried for as they are very few and mild in nature. Moreover, garlic side effects are often overshadowed with its benefits. We all know that garlic has immense uses in cooking as well as medicinal purposes. It has been in use for centuries as spice and no major dangers have been reported on eating garlic. However, anything overeaten and not taken in proper form will adversely affect the body. The same rule applies for garlic. So, let’s unravel the dangers of garlic and the possible reasons behind them.


Some Side Effects Of Garlic

Bad Breath – Eating raw garlic has many medicinal benefits, so many people prefer consuming raw garlic or fresh garlic juice. This results in garlic breath which is not liked by everbody. Many people find this breath stinking so person eating raw garlic often feels embarrassed in the public area. But there is an easy way out of this side effect – one should eat raw garlic while having dinner at home so that he doesn’t need to go out after that.


Offensive Body Odor – One of the common side effects of garlic is garlic body odor which is very offensive in nature. This situation generally arises when garlic is consumed in larger quantity, so the odor comes out with every body secretion. This situation is very irritating as the garlic odor does not go away until all the garlic is flushed out from the body; it may sometimes take a week or more.  


Garlic Allergy – Many people are sensitive to garlic so they often complain of rashes on the skin after eating and sometimes even touching garlic.


Digestive disorder – If a person is suffering from digestive disorder, he should avoid eating garlic as garlic is known for tcausing heartburn, gas, diarrhea.Those who have ulcer should avoid taking garlic in food because garlic may initiate gastrointestinal bleeding.



Side Effects Associated With Garlic Overdose – Garlic is very useful for health if eaten within prescribed limit but the overdose is associated with several side effects. Nausea, vomiting, burping are some of the common irritations caused by garlic and  its over consumption. So, it’s always advisable to eat garlic in a prescribed dose. Garlic overdose can also burn the digestive tract and stomach, so if you are eating raw garlic, start with small dose and gradually increase it.


In this way, we have seen that side effects of garlic are not bothersome as they do not greatly affect the normal health of the body. Moreover, if eaten is prescribed amount with some precautions, one can easily do away with the garlic side effects and enjoy the health benefits of garlic.


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Side Effects Of Garlic