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Side Effects Of Fish

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Fish side effectsSide effects of fish have become a growing concern among people especially after the increase in the incidence of water pollution. Fish is an aquatic creature and the pollutant in water often gets accumulated in the fish which is ultimately ingested by the fish eaters.


We all know that fish is a very good source of protein and a low calorie food, which supplements our body with important nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish lowers the blood pressure and protect our body from several cardiovascular disorders. It is also considered good for pregnant women as a specific omega-3 fatty acids, source; DHA present in fish is useful in the brain development of infants. But in spite of these and many more benefits of eating fish, several side effects have been reported. by researchers. Although it has been found that if fresh and carefully cooked, fish is eaten, there are hardly any signs of fish side effects re felt. But as said that in recent years many reports related to dangers of fish have appeared, so it becomes important to analyze the negative impacts of eating fish.


Some Side Effects Of Fish

Mercury Poisoning – It has been observed that mercury present in water gets accumulated in fish. So, when such fish are eaten, mercury enters the body system of the person which can further lead to several symptoms related to mercury poisoning. But there is a good news for fish lovers as mercury exposure does not effect the health of men and women if they do not belong to childbearing age. But one should be careful and always prefer buying fish or consuming fish from the reputed outlet where good quality of fish is available.


Retards The Development Of Nervous System – Mercury concentration in fish hardly affects the health of normal men and women but this is not so in the case of pregnant women. Dangers of fish in pregnant women are graver as mercury adversely affects the development of nervous system of the infant. It is also not advisable for nursing mothers and children to consume fish especially swordfish, golden bass, shark and king mackerel. Light tuna, farmed salmon and shrimp have relatively low levels of mercury content, so they can be safely eaten by children and nursing mothers.


Carcinogenic Chemicals In Fish – One of the side effects of fish has been observed due to the presence of chemicals dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) which gets accumulated in the body of fish. These chemicals are carcinogenic in nature but till date no confirmed reports have been published on this.


In this way we have seen that the side effects of fish are mostly the outcome of environmental pollution. So, instead of emphasizing more on fish side effects, we all should concentrate on decreasing the environmental pollution. In addition, if one wants to reduce the risks associated with eating fish, he should go for variety of fish which reduces the adverse effects of environmental pollutants in fish.


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Side Effects Of Fish