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Side Effects Of Turmeric

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Turmeric side effectsTurmeric is an amazing herb, having many health benefits but hardly we know thst there are certain side effects of turmeric.  Turmeric being an important ingredient of cooking is consumed daily. Furthermore, it is important part of Ayurvedic medicine. However, just like any other food item, turmeric has its own set of side effects if not taken properly or consumed in excess quantity.



Major Side Effects Of Turmeric


Gastrointestinal Disorders – Though turmeric is a natural product but if it is consumed in excess amount, it can cause stomach upset.  Diarrhea and constipation are certain other dangers of turmeric which arise when it is consumed in excess amount. Many turmeric supplements are prescribed by doctors but if you have a bile duct blockage or stomach ulcers, gall stones or kidney stones, you should inform your doctor. This is because in such cases, turmeric adversely affects your body and worsens the pre-existing diseases.


Uterine Stimulant - Pregnant women can take normal course of turmeric which is used in making curry but they should avoid turmeric supplements as it acts as uterine stimulant. In addition, women who are trying to conceive or nursing mothers should also avoid intake of turmeric supplements.


Effect On Immune System – If the person is suffering from immune system deficiency, he should not go for turmeric supplements as it further weakens the immune system of the body.


Thinning Of Blood – Dangers of turmeric involved in thinning of blood has been much talked, although no medical evidence is available for it. yet. But to be on safer side, one should avoid turmeric before surgery. This is the reason why doctors don’t prescribe any turmeric supplement to patients suffering from blood clotting disorders.


Promotes Bleeding – One of the common side effects of turmeric is that it enhances bleeding as it retards blood clotting. So, if you are on turmeric supplement and by any chance you experience bright red blood in the tool or easy bruising where bleeding stops very slowly, inform your doctor. In certain cases, turmeric supplement also results into hemorrhagic stroke.


Allergy – Some people are sensitive to turmeric so when they apply turmeric on skin they might suffer from irritation and other skin allergies, although it’s very rare.


Turmeric And Chemotherapy Effect – It has been found that turmeric decreases the effectiveness of chemotherapy, so if one is undergoing chemotherapy, he should avoid using turmeric or turmeric supplements.


These were common side effects of turmeric which generally occurs if taken in excess amount, otherwise turmeric is a natural herb, beneficial for health.


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Side Effects Of Turmeric