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Side Effects Of Alcohol

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Dangers of alcohol


Alcohol consumption and its addiction have been on rise since last few years, so it becomes important to analyze the side effects of alcohol. Alcohol dangers are largely dependent on the quantity of consumption and the health condition of the individual consumer. It has been found that alcohol side effects can be short term as well as long term. and its negative impact is seen on physical health, mental health as well it creates acute social impact. Moderate consumption of alcohol is not always  that bad for health but  in case of excessive and regualr intake of alcohol its harmful effects cannot be escapd. So, let’s have a look on the negative impacts of drinking alcohol.


Major Side Effects Of Alcohol

Immediate Effects Of Drinking Alcohol - Drinking alcohol has certain side effects which are reflected immediately after its consumption. It includes impaired vision, loss of balance, slurred speech, and sometimes a state of unconsciousness. In some cases hangovers are so acute that it might also result into severe headaches, vomiting and it can make a person sick to that extent where he may lose his self control  All these effects are cause of concern as the person with these symptoms are unable to decide anything at that moment and thus he might land up in some problem.


Long Term Side Effects Of Alcohol – Alcohol consumption becomes dangerous to health in long term as it adversely affects the normal functioning of the body. A person who regularly consumes alcohol often suffers from  liver problem. Cirrhosis of the liver is generally found in person addicted to alcohol, which is acutely health threatening.


Weight Gain - Over consumption of alcohol also adds lot of unwanted calories to the body. In long term, excess weight forms a major factor behind many health disorders, high blood pressure being one of the most significant health disorder among them.


Damage Of Brain Cells - Dangers of alcohol consumption are also seen in brain as it kills the brain cells and in serious conditions; impairs its normal functioning.


Heart Problems- Many cardiac disorders along with failure of respiratory system is also one of the most common alcohol side effects.


Sleep Disruption – Person who drinks a lot, often suffers with disrupted sleep. Drowsiness and fatigue are the common symptoms associated with consumption of alcohol. After disrupted sleep when a person wakes up next morning he suffers with dry mouth which is the indicator of dehydration. Thus, alcohol drinking also leads to dehydration of body which is not a good sign.


Social Dangers Of Alcohol – Alcohol addiction often makes people dishonest as they hide their drinking habit. In addition, they start neglecting their responsibilities toward family and friends which adversely affects the society in large. Sometimes, they also end up harming themselves as well as other when they drive drunk.


In this way, we have seen that alcohol drinking is not good for health as side effects of alcohol not only disrupts the normal functioning of the body but also creates disturbance in the society. Thus, one should abstain from alcohol consumption.


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Side Effects Of Alcohol