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Side Effects Of Vinegar

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Vinegar side effectsVinegar has numerous uses in cooking but in some cases side effects of vinegar has also been reported. Though, the negative effects associated with vinegar are mild in nature but it becomes important to analyze it, so that we remain cautious and do not tend to overuse vinegar in cooking and other purposes.



To clearly understand the reasons behind the dangers of vinegar, one should know about its production process and constituents. To our surprise, production, and usage of vinegar has a very long history, dating back to around 3000 B.C. In this long run, the production process and uses have undergone several modifications but the basic principle remains the same. Vinegar is acidic in nature which is obtained from the fermentation of ethanol. Its key ingredient is acetic acid and some amount of tartaric acid and citric acid. As the pH level of vinegar ranges from 2.4 to 3.4, so it is often diluted for various usages. There is no harm in using vinegar but somehow, if used is larger quantity or in concentrated form it has mild side effects. So, it is often suggested to use vinegar which has a moderate acidic level to avoid any possible dangers of vinegar.


Top 5 Side Effects Of Vinegar

Stomach Problem – Due to acidic nature of vinegar, stomach problems often remains associated with vinegar, if used in large quantity. Nausea and heartburn in addition to indigestion sometimes creates havoc and person suffers a lot but all these can easily be cured with simple medication. However, it’s better to take precaution and avoid using vinegar with high acidic content.


Throat Problem – One of the most common negative effects associated with vinegar is throat pain. A person suffering from throat pain also feels burning sensation in throat and finds difficulty in swallowing though, it can easily be cured.


Allergic Reactions – Itching, swelling, rash, wheezing are some of the common side effects of vinegar. Sometimes, mouth gets swollen after having vinegar and person can also find difficulty in breathing.


Loss Of Potassium – Long term usage of vinegar sometimes lead to potassium loss in the body. Though, this is not a serious issue for a healthy person but diabetics on insulin dosage may face problems with it.


Erosion Of Dental Enamel – The high acidic content of vinegar is responsible for wear of dental enamel. It’s found that regular consumption of vinegar results into yellowish teeth which also becomes sensitive to hot and cold.


These were some of the side effects of vinegar which are not very disturbing in nature. In addition, they can be easily cured and avoided by using diluted vinegar.


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Side Effects Of Vinegar