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Side Effects Of Protein Powder

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Side effects of protein powder are hardly known because we mostly remain overwhelmed by the wonderful advantages of protein consumption in diet or by having diet supplements. However latest research and study has revealed that protein powder side effects may have derogatory effect on its consumers and therefore it is never suggested to take protein powder without consulting the family doctor etc. The popular protein powders available in market are made from rice, whey, egg, or soy etc. and it is consumed in general with fruit juice, milk, water, and as one of the ingredients of cereals and soups, etc. Let’s take a look of the side effects of protein powders commonly consumed by some of us.




Side effects of protein powder

  • Excess intake of protein powder raises acidic level of blood hence in order to neutralize this discrepancy, bones release calcium in blood, which in turn reduces bone density and problems like arthritis, osteoporosis, and ostro-arthritis etc may get induced in human body. 
  • One of the most gruesome side effects of calcium is creation of residue and due to intake of protein powder and subsequent excess release of calcium by bones, kidneys start accummulating calcium residues which turns into kidney stones. In some instances, kidney malfunctioning may occur which turns into a severe disease.
  • Excessive consumption of protein powder may cause harmful effect on lever as well. In general the capacity of liver in assimilating protein is limited and when liver has to accommodate lots of protein intake it is induced wih permanent damage. Excessive pressure on liver leads to this severe irrevocable problems.
  • One of the severe side effects of protein powder is its allergic reaction and this allergic reaction is predominantly seen in lactose intolerant people. However, the protein powder constructed from whey and milk is the prime sources of this intolerance, which has been found quite directly related to the problem of lactose intolerance issue.
  • Protein supplements made from Soy powder are also a major trigger for gastrointestinal problem; consumption of excess protein powder at daily basis my create problems like bloating, flatulence, and chronic indigestion etc.
  • Other than these problems, general fatigue, nausea, frequent vomiting, muscular cramping, headaches, weight loss issue, and body rash problems are often seen to bother patients seeking doctor’s advice.

It is always wise to take protein powder in diet after you know all possible side effects. If protein powder is consumed, we have to be aware of the subjects like side effects of protein powder so that we are able to lead a balanced lifestyle.


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Side Effects Of Protein Powder