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What Are The Culinary Uses Of Panko Breading

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Know about the culinary uses of panko breadcrumbsThe culinary uses of Panko breadcrumbs are many and each one aimed at enhancing the taste of recipes. Uses of panko breadings  are common in several American traditional recipes, mainly for baking, frying and also as a topping to add crunch to any food. However, the ultimate culinary use of panko breadcrumbs is to enhance the appearance and flavor of a dish.


Using Panko Breadings In Frying

Panko breadings are used in the batter as a coat for fried foods and it is one of the most common uses of the bread crumbs. When used in the batter, these bread crumbs make for a thin coating on vegetables, chicken and fish fries before these are deep fried. This also makes for a crunchy top layer on the fried meat or vegetable dishes.


Using Panko Breadings As Binding Agent


This acts as a perfect substitute for cracker crumbs and bread crumbs while being used as a binding ingredient in dishes that use salmon loaf, meat balls, chicken pieces, shrimps and other seafood and prevents them from breaking or cracking up during the cooking process. When panko breading is used, it offers a smooth texture to the cooked food also.Panko breadings used as binding agents


Using Panko breadings as Toppings


Vegetable casseroles and meat dishes prepared with cheese and macaroni always need panko breadings as topping to bring about crispiness in taste. Panko breadings are also mixed with Parmesan cheese and seasonings of choice and added as topping along with butter to maximize the flavor. Sea food, especially shrimps, taste wonderful when topped with panko breadings before being baked in an oven.


Using Panko Breadings As Salad Entrees


You can also use the Panko breadings as salad entrees because these are highly satisfying despite being lighter in composition. You can prepare interesting salad entrees using chicken and steak as per your choice and blend them together at the right temperature, adding panko breadings towards the end to make a very light and extremely crunchy meal.

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What Are The Culinary Uses Of Panko Breading