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Side Effects Of Green Tea

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Side effects of green tea

If we are asked about the side effects of green tea perhaps a few of us will be able to put light on the matter. In fact we are mostly aware of the good effects of green tea and are completely ignorant about what are the side effects of green tea. 

However, the adverse effects are seen on consumption of 6-8 cups of green tea; a lowert quantity is considered as moderate consumption and no adverse effect is reported on it.

Side effects of Green tea

  • Side effects of green tea are due to its caffeine content. Caffeine is a natural energy booster. Therefore excessive consumption of green tea may induce the problems of sleeplessness, irritation, over sensitivity to sound, etc issues.
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine based drinks may induce some other problems like dizziness headache, and vomiting. A few instances are found where the consumers have suffered from bout of diarrhea due to over consumption of green tea.
  • Long term overdose of green tea may induce the complication of loss of appetite as one of the adverse side effects of green tea.
  • Due to loads of antioxidant elements moderate consumption of green tea is often prescribed for pregnant ladies. It caffeine content may induce some adverse effects like sleeplessness, nausea, and increased rate of morning sickness. Over consumption of green tea may lead to miscarriage also especially the ladies who have history of miscarriage.
  • In case of lactating mothers, regular consumption of green tea often proves as a passive reason for the sleeplessness of babies because its caffeine content.
  • Modern research and study on the side effects of green tea has indicated that those are suffering from sensitive stomach or certain kidney disease or medical history of panic attack and palpitation should avoid taking green tea at regular basis.
  • Pope sensitive with caffeine or tannin based products should avoid consumption of green tea. These allergy prone individuals often suffer from body rash and skin sensitivity due to caffeine based foods, and for them green tea may cause different health complications due to chance of side effects of green tea.
  • The patients who are on long term medication should consult their doctor once before taking green tea as regular energy drink. The patients have medical history of taking aspirin, adenosine, clozapine, monoamine, lithium should know what are the side effects of green tea.
  • Green tea has vitamin K so the heart patients taking medication for blood thinning may not get adequate result because vitamin K promotes blood coagulation.

While talking about the side effects of green tea we most remember that these adverse effects are imposed only on excessive consumption of green tea. In case of moderate consumption, green tea is extremely health friendly and a wonderful natural energy drink.

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Side Effects Of Green Tea