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How Biointensive Agriculture Can Save The Planet

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Global population is expanding rapidly, solid fertility is declining and the cost of the chemicals and fuels are increasing, above all the water resources are also depleting. Yes, major food crisis would soon hit the Global. It is believed that biointensive Agriculture can save the planet. Biointensive is also known as mini farming, it does not use large scale, it is developed to shift people from large scale farming and to encourage people to cultivate their own food.



Biointensive agriculture benefits

Biointensive agriculture is being used by small farmers in 141 countries around the globe.  The following are the key biointensive agriculture benefits.

  • Less water
  • Less Purchased nutrients
  • Less energy in various forms
  • Increased yield
  • Increases soil fertility

Biointensive agriculture seldom uses equipment like tractors, machinery not only uses large amount of energy but it may also erodes the soil. On the other hand, biointensive agriculture primary objective is to enhance the soil fertility.

How to create a mini farm

So it is better to create your own farms to satisfy your food needs. It is absolutely a fabulous option, but how to go about it.  There are some basic principles to develop a self sustaining mini farm.

Soil preparation and composting: The biointensive farming implements double digging method where the soil is loosened till two feet deep. This supports the roots to grow deeper and allows retention of water. Composting is also essential in this method.

Planting intensively and use companion planting: Plants are grown closely unlike the method used in traditional farming. Plants that support each other are grown together like squash and corn. These are known as companion plants since it helps each other growth.

Carbon farming and calorie farming:  Many crops in this method are grown for their carbon content like corn, sunflower and rye. And it insist to grow calorie crops like garlic and potatoes.

Utilizing open pollinated seeds: This method encourages saving their own seeds. It is beneficial to use own seeds as it have adapted to that specific environment.

Whole system farming method: All the methods have to be implemented by the farmers else it won’t be productive


Today food sources are slowly declining, it is necessary to start growing own garden to combat hunger in the future. Surely biointensive agriculture can save the planet from the food crisis.

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How Biointensive Agriculture Can Save The Planet