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Science Tells You To Eat More Lukewarm Food

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Warm Food

Eat more lukewarm food to make way for healthy living. Yes! Food tastes superior when it’s warm. We tend to warm the food before consuming, or we expect warm food to be served at restaurants.




We will learn, how safe it is to warm food and the benefits of eating lukewarm food in this blog.



Tips for good health by eating lukewarm food:

Advantages of eating lukewarm food are many and on the other hand, if the food is spoilt; even overcooking would not help, as it would not stop germs being resilient. The invention of microwave has led to a remarkable change in culinary business in daily life. Although it has become a life style for many, it’s important to know the repercussion of this form of heating food.


Digestion process starts when the food enters one’s stomach and Many times even before it enters our mouth:


  • This initial process of digestion is known as the cephalic phase and the sight of the food and smell of the food drives this phase. 


  • Salivation, acid production, and enzyme production increases in this phase.


The use of microwave has drastically increased as it comes handy in preparing the food quickly. However, due to busy life and time crunches we manage to gulp down the food, or rather refueling ourselves resulting in cephalic phase stimulation. This decreases parasympathetic reaction, and resulting in decrease of our ability to digest.


  • To explain in detail about parasympathetic stimulation, blood flow is directed inward to our digestive tract resulting in increased muscle contractions, letting the breakdown and process of food digestion.


  • This shift into parasympathetic phase requires us to slow down on in-take of food in relaxed mode. 


Here are some simple steps to eat more lukewarm food and optimize your digestion.


  • Spending enough time with food preparation, so you know you are cooking healthy food.


  • Cooking meals at home gives you an opportunity to smell and see the food.


  • Using the stovetop or oven to reheat leftovers allows you to judge, if the food is good for consumption or not.


  • Make sure to eat your food slowly allowing it to digest easily. Make sure to focus on the meal, as you will know how much you are eating.


  • Eating bitter substances in smaller amounts help stimulate the digestion power.


Eat more lukewarm food, and make way for healthy lifestyle. For more information on warm food, visit


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Science Tells You To Eat More Lukewarm Food