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How To Use Nordic Ware Products

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Nordic Ware is an cooking equipment manufacturer in the U.S.A.  It has a significant contribution to baking because Nordic Ware invented the Bundt tin. It produces a variety of products like baking, barbeque, kitchen and special microwave cooking ware.




To use nordic ware products you first need to decide which product you need to use.  There are different ways of using nordic ware products.



Nordac Bakingware


Baking ware is built to endure the maximum heat but it also needs a different care than other cooking ware.  While using the Nordic baking ware wash the equipments with warm water before and after the use.  Brush the baking ware with a thin layer of oil or butter and dust with flour.  This will create the same effect that a butterpaper would.  Always fill the baking ware only till its three-fourth quantity.  Do not use metal cleaners to clean it after the use.  Once out of the oven let it cool completely before putting in water.


Nordac Cooking or kitchenware


Nordic cooking ware offers heavy bottom pans, skillets, griddles, and sauce pans.  All of them have a non-stick teflon coating on the interior.  Thus, they should be cleaned with warm soapy water and soft sponge.  Do not use metal abbrasives to clean the Nordic cooking ware as it damages the teflon coating.  You can cook in Nordic cooking ware with very less oil or fat due to the non-stick coating.  Do not expose them to excessive heat since it can deform the special heat distribution pattern that is at the bottom of the Nordic cookings ware.


Nordac Ovenware


It is designed to be used in ovens up to 200 degree celcius.  Even though it endure the amount of heat, the oven ware has to handled carefully. Nordic Ware offers oven ware with a non-stick coating.  So you do not need to coat the pan with fat and dust with flour. The oven ware can be best used to preparing a dish that serves eight or more people.  The pans are quite large.  It can also be used as a water bath for souffle or baked eggs in cups.  You should avoid putting any abbrasive on the surface of the Nordic oven ware as it ruins the coating.


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How To Use Nordic Ware Products