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How To Turn Turmeric Into Paste

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Turmeric is a shrub quite common in Africa, Asian and India, where it is most often used as a spice and in skin treatment. This is done at homes by women who easily turn turmeric into paste and use it fresh – the test of freshness is its golden color and bitter taste! Do not be baffled as how to turn a shrub into paste, since turning turmeric  into paste for household use is quite common and is done in a few minutes. Once women turn turmeric into paste, they use it in multiple ways such as facial masks and food.


Here are some easy ways on how you can turn turmeric into paste:


Pick turmeric:


Your first task is to pick fresh turmeric to prepare the paste. You can get turmeric in its powdered form in most supermarkets and retail shops which sell spices. Remember to check the label of the turmeric powder so that you are sure that you have picked fresh pack only.




Now, you can start the actual process to turn turmeric into paste. Start by boiling water in saucepan. The quantity of water you can use depends on the quantity of turmeric being used. Let the water boil for sometime before you choose to put the turmeric powder in it.


Mixing turmeric powder:


You can mix ¼ cup of turmeric powder in 1 cup of water ideally, when you are turning turmeric into paste. You have to ensure that while the powder is mixing with water, lumps are not formed. To ensure this, you might need to keep stirring the mixture when it is boiling in water – this is an important step to turn turmeric into paste. You should continue doing this, until a very thick paste forms.


Remove saucepan from burner:


When you have completed the above steps, you can slowly remove this saucepan from the burner and scoop out the turmeric paste, which has been formed very quickly. You can pour your newly made turmeric paste in a sealed jar inside a plastic bag.


Tips for turning turmeric into paste:


  • If you have undertaken the task to turn turmeric into paste for the first time, you should take special care for your clothes. It might happen that you smudge the paste on your dress.  Trust me; the stain will be really difficult to get rid of!
  • It is best to make the paste in small quantities rather than doing it in bulk – your task will not only be easy, but the turmeric shall stay fresh too.


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How To Turn Turmeric Into Paste