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Can You Eat Cheese Wax

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Waxed Cheese

Cheese wax is used to cover cheeses that have less moisture, so waxing cheese helps to retain moisture and prevent formation of mold on the surface and inside. Cheddar, parmesan, parmigiano-reggiano, romano, swiss, Colby and Gruyere are some of the cheeses that are always coated with wax.  This is one of the physical properties that help identify cheeses without tasting. While cheese rinds in many types of cheeses are edible, people wonder if it is safe to eat wax on the cheese like other cheese rind because we all know wax is not edible.


Before deciding whether to eat cheese wax or not, let’s do a detailed study on the wax used for coating cheese.


What is cheese wax made of?

Cheese wax is a special cheese available for coating hard cheeses. However, some people do use paraffin or micro crystalline for waxing cheese at home but the results are not as good as using cheese wax.


Cheese wax is somewhat similar to packaging cheese, it helps retain moisture, make it opaque and thereby help to retain its taste and store outside the refrigerator for years, sometimes as long as 25 years. Wax helps to keep the cheese fresh but it is not edible. As we discard the cans or tetra packs of packaged foods, similarly cheese wax needs to be removed before eating cheese. Cheese wax is food grade product and hence safe for waxing cheese but it is not edible.


Similarly food grade paraffin wax is safe for waxing cheese; however it is not edible because it is non-digestible. It’s also non-toxic so, if you eat cheese wax unknowingly, it will not do any harm. Food grade colors are used to color wax, so they too are non-toxic and safe for coloring wax


Ways to remove cheese wax before eating

  1. Simply cut a slice of the cheese wheel or bar and then peel the wax out of the cheese slice before eating. It is very easy to peel the wax.
  2. Wash the cheese in warm water and all the wax will melt away.
  3. Peel the wax with a knife if the cheese wax does not come out smoothly with hand.


Now that you have got the right facts about eating cheese wax, you can enjoy your cheese without any worries. You can even start to wax cheese for storing at home and keep your cheese fresh all the time.


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Can You Eat Cheese Wax