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How To Use Leftover Whey

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How to Use Leftover Whey? We all get entangled in this dilemma at least once during our lifetime. In reality, this is not a dilemma at all because there are number of creative ways of using leftover whey in our daily cooking and other wise. There are many who believe that whey is an utter waste but in reality, the whey is power packed with essential nutrients and amino acids. Hence, it’s worthwhile to store whey for future uses.





Let’s see some of the household tips for using leftover whey:

  • Use whey to water the plants. If you have used vinegar as the curdling agent then it can be used to water the acid loving plants.
  • Another way to use leftover whey is to include it in bathing water. The whey is enriched with proteins which are necessary for skin nourishment.
  • Whey is laced with acidic portions which act as a good stain remover when applied to stained surface.
  • Use leftover whey to water your garden or composite tiles.
  • Another less known but interesting way of using leftover whey is to apply it to your pets. The leftover whey can be brushed on the coats of your animal.


Here are some of the tips for using leftover whey for culinary purposes

  • Replace the water with leftover whey while cooking rice.
  • Use leftover whey to soak beans and other grains. The catalysts in the whey works towards softening the grains pretty easier than plain water. This actually helps to speed up the cooking process.
  • Add whey to warm water and drink it as the muscle supplement. This not supports you as a feisty muscle supplement but also aids in regularizing the digestion. For fast relief it is suggested that people suffering from stomach ailments should have it thrice a day.
  • Use leftover whey as a stock while preparing soups.
  • Spice the left over whey to make an appetizing summer drink. Add salt, grated ginger, chopped cilantro, chilies and toasted cumin powder to make a feisty summer drink which is sometimes known as matta in India. Garnish the matta with sprigs of parsley.
  • Another interesting way of using leftover whey is for fermentation. The whey is highly acidic and it speeds up the process of fermentation. So, it’s viable to substitute whey for the regular water in any of the recipes that require strong fermentation.
  • Use whey to prepare a nourishing smoothie. You need to is combine whey with ice, strawberries and protein powder in a blender. This drink can be served as a quick appetizer and it can be easily whipped with less efforts.
  • If you are wary of using, left over whey in the above mentioned ways then we suggest at least you should use it during baking.


The above mentioned are only handful of thoughts on using leftover whey. You can perhaps experiment it in all other relative areas too.


We wish you a happy cooking time with whey!


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How To Use Leftover Whey