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How To Sprout Wheat Grass In A Jar At Home

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I am sure that you will be eager to know about how to sprout wheat grass in a jar. Wheat grass is valued for its nutritive properties and is generally used by people for detoxification purposes.



Before looking in to the details of sprouting wheat grass in a jar, I think it’s very important to know why wheatgrass is good for you. To begin with wheatgrass is a very next derivative of wheat plant because it is grown using the cotyledons of wheat plants. It was proved that the health values of wheatgrass are not limited to just providing supplemental nutrition rather it extends to promoting curative action too. It is normally supplemented in the form of juice, juice bars, or vegetable drinks. Wheat grass packs nutrients in the form of protein, Iron, Phosphorous, Potassium, Vitamin E and B12. According to recent studies – many people have started growing their own wheatgrass after realizing the health benefits offered by it.

There is a piece of good news for those who are struggling with space constraints. Now, with little efforts you can easily sprout wheat grass in a jar. When I say this it doesn’t means that you have to be well equipped to begin sprouting wheat grass in a jar. With my experiences, I can say that only a little commonsense and fairly basic gardening expertise is all you need to sprout wheat grass in a jar. Also, it’s fairly easier to sprout wheat grass in a jar than containers or pots. Moreover, this method is cheap, hassle free, simple, and takes less than or equal to 1 week.


Things You Will Require To Sprout Wheat Grass In a Jar

  • Mason Jar
  • Thin layer of soil
  • Cheese cloth
  • Spraying Water Bottle
  • Wheat Berries

Here is how to sprout Wheat Grass In a Jar

  • Buy a mason jar with lids fitted with screws. You can buy such jars from any major departmental stores. If you are confused about which jar to choose then you can ask for jar which is used for jamming and pickling vegetables and fruits.  You can choose from various sizes of mason jars.
  • Spread a thin layer of soil towards the bottom of jar. It is better to limit the soil to half inch of a mason jar.
  • Cover about 75% of the upper part of soil with wheat berries. You can choose from different varieties of a wheat berries. If you are facing dilemma in choosing the right kind of wheat grass to sprout in a jar then you can refer to several internet literatures of even contact a agricultural expert.
  • Gradually spray the seeds till they are soaked in it. But don’t allow the soil to become oversaturated.
  • Put small piece of cheese cloth on the top of jar and attest it to the jar lid using screw.
  • Place the jar on the window sill and spray the wheat seeds everyday for a week until the grass is pretty long. When the grass attains the length of 7’’ you can cut first four inches of it and juice it. When the grass attains the length of 7’’ for the second time you can have the second cutting. After second cutting it is wise to discard the grass.


Now you might agree with me when I say sprouting wheat grass in a jar is pretty easy than expected. 


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How To Sprout Wheat Grass In A Jar At Home