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How To Use Cheese Wax

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Cheese Wax is a kind of wax that is made especially for the coating of cheeses. It is not the usual kind of wax but is made from paraffin and micro crystalline wax.



Cheese Wax is used when a cheese has to be kept for ageing. The main reason to use cheese wax is to prevent the loss of moisture from the cheese and to prevent the growth of mould on the cheese. The covering of Cheese Wax acts as a barrier and protects the cheese from fungus.

Cheese Wax usually comes in the colors red, black, and yellow and is stronger and more flexible than normal wax. This is also reusable.


How to use Cheese Wax?

Before you decide to use cheese wax, it is better to air-dry the cheese.  This could take anywhere from 2 to 5 days. The time period for air-drying the cheese depends upon the temperature and humidity in your house. The main aim behind air-drying the cheese is to develop a protective rind over it.

Now after having done that, dip a muslin cloth in white vinegar and wipe the cheese with it. This will help in eliminating any mould which is formed on the cheese. After wiping the cheese, keep it in the refrigerator for several hours as it will make it easy for waxing.

Now either cut some Cheese Wax from a readymade slab or make your own wax and melt it in a double boiler. Take care not to overheat the wax and also not to leave it unattended while it is on stove.

Now take a paintbrush and carefully, to avoid getting burnt, spread the Cheese Wax on the surface of the cheese. Make sure to cover every inch of the cheese block.

Another alternative is to dip the cheese fully into the wax and let it coat.

Since Cheese Wax tends to set quickly, make sure to keep the pan warm.

You will need to use cheese wax generously to apply at least a double coating on the cheese.

Now with that done, the cheese is ready to be stored for ageing.

You can use cheese wax again once you’ve peeled off the coating from the cheese. After peeling off the Cheese Wax from the cheese, make sure to finish off the chees within a week’s time otherwise it may get mouldy.

It is also advisable to label the cheese properly after coating it with wax. Mention the name of the cheese and the day t was coated to keep a record when it was done and for how long it was kept for ageing.

Just make sure that the Cheese Wax coats the block of cheese completely and there are no air pockets left which can provide an inlet for the fungus to grow.



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How To Use Cheese Wax