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5 Non Food Uses Of Cheese

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I am thinking ‘non food uses of cheese’ and what comes to mind is the cartoon Tom and Jerry where Tom is eternally chasing Jerry around the block.


Why was I thinking of non-food uses of Cheese, you may ask? My 6-year-old asked me to draw a cartoon of cheese and it occurred to me that there are non-food uses of cheese too. Cheese is so ubiquitous and as popular as milk or bread. So how has cheese got into our daily life and our thinking subsequently?


5 non food uses of cheese.


I have donned my thinking cap and here goes a list of great non food uses of cheese.


1. ‘Cheesy’ in vocabulary- It’s funny how we borrowed the word cheesy from the food dictionary to describe something which is probably cheap, unpleasant or blatantly inauthentic according to the urban dictionary. Clichés’ are cheesy since they are not subtle and are repetitive usage of phrases. It could also denote corny, melodrama oozing with sentimentality.

Cheesy also denotes something that is kitschy or tacky-say a bad T shirt with a bad logo or sign on it announcing ‘I am tacky and don’t care’. Kitschy movies and songs can be called cheesy. Someone says to you “I was dying to meet you all these days, darling,” then you know that sounds cheesy. But then again what might be cheesy to you might not be cheesy to someone else.  It is also used to call someone who is lame or stupid.


Cheese carving2. Carving Cheese - Now there is another non-food cheese idea for fun. Along with vegetable and fruit carving, cheese can be used to carve out fabulous monuments or anything your mind can think off. Cheddar cheese is used for this fun project. When the movie Ratatouille was released, the American cheese carving experts carved out the movies scenes from 40 pound blocks of cheddar to art. (As seen in the picture).


3. Cheesology - Cheese + ology is the ‘study of cheese’. Believe it or not, that is what it is called. So if you are a promising baker or cheese specialist you may want to do a course in cheesology.


4. Cheese as mouse bait- This one is my favorite. Who hasn’t seen the Tom and Jerry cartoons? I still watch them with my kids and break out into laughter along with them. Tom is always using cheese as bait for Jerry. But do rats and mice like cheese? Who knows? Maybe if it worked so well Pied Piper wouldn’t have used his pipe to lure them away from the village. Peanut butter is generally used as rat bait, with cheese a second option.You could also use these cheese carvings at home to decorate your table during a party and impress your guests with your arty skills. They might end up eating your art too.


5. Cheese-heads - If you are into American football would you know all about cheese heads. The fans of the football team the ‘Green Bay Packers’ of the National Football League are called cheeseheads.  Since, a large volume of cheese is produced in Wisconsin people there may be called cheese heads but is considered derogatory. So don’t go to Wisconsin and say that. The football fans proudly wear the cheese head hats at the games and can be easily identified with their team in a crowd. It is now a trademark of the green bay packers and they wear it with pride.

There’s more of cheesy cheese heads and cheesiness I can think off but these 5 non food uses of cheese are a good start to get my imagination rolling.


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5 Non Food Uses Of Cheese