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How To Calculate Food For Large Groups Of People

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Are you going to host a party or an event is fast approaching and you have been given the catering? Dismay not! Here are a few tips to calculate food that you will need to get depending on the number of people. You do not have to face people by running out of food, and can avoid this from happening by following these simple tips and tricks while getting ready for the ‘day’ and also develop a hands on contingency plans.


You will be dividing the food, to say into a three-course meal, for example, comprising of appetizers, main entrée with side dishes, and desserts. So plan accordingly for calculating the amount of food you will be requiring.


The first thing that you need to know is the accurate number of people who will be attending the event, which could be collected from the registration desk as how many people have so far registered, invited and have RSVP to get more accurate information on the number of people you need to prepare for the event or the party.


For the appetizers, you need to multiply the number of servings by three to get an accurate figure of not running out of appetizers, because this is the beginning and people might me tending to go repeatedly as part of socializing with the more number of new people in a buffet. If you find your maths work out during the appetizer or the first course of the meal then you are not wrong and will find yourself having enough to serve for the rest of the meal.


Always think of using one lettuce heads for five heads, as this might group a poor eater to a hard-core gobbler for green salads. For other kinds of green salads count in gallons for every 25 members.


Every food has their own calculation, so here we will discuss in short to learn to calculate the food required for the main course meal. For example, pasta required in calculated based on 4 ounces of pasta for every single individual guest, while the same will be only two ounces, if the pasta is going to be the side dish. Also note that unless your guests which is the main course and the side dish you will not be able to manage. Serve 6 ounces of fish, and remember these are calculations of 30 numbers, while for a larger group, is good to calculate in numbers of thirties.


Dessert, this where you must know how to keep a check, because for many dessert will be the main course meal. Drinks are calculated on being served as one in every hour, or a scoop or two per person. Now following this prelude you should be able to calculate food for a party or an event.


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How To Calculate Food For Large Groups Of People