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What Are the Traditional Uses of Summer Savory

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savorySummer Savory is basically a species of savory which is popular for its distinctive delicate flavor. The traditional uses of summer savory include its use for culinary purposes as well as a medicinal herb. Using summer savory is great when you want to cook healthy recipes with less salt. It is best used for making savory, slow-cooking dishes such as soups, potatoes, breading, beans, stews and eggs.


Traditional Use of Summer Savory in Dishes

Summer savory has a delicate taste like that of a mix of mint with thyme. It can be used either dried or fresh. For dishes such as meat loaf, it must either be finely chopped or ground before it is added to raw meat. Its leaves can be used to make fresh salads. Its leaves, when added to white wine, lend it a more refreshing flavor.


When summer savory is boiled with strong smelling foods such as broccoli or sauerkraut, it helps in preventing cooking odors. When steeped in salad dressing, it offers an aromatic flavor.


Using Summer Savory as a Medicine

Summer savory helps in preparing a medicinal tea that is known to treat conditions ranging from colds to impotence. The Flora Health Encyclopedia suggests that this tea cures coughs, lethargy, phlegm, dyspepsia, diarrhea, intestinal gas, menstrual disorders, cramps, bacterial infections, colic and as an aphrodisiac.


No side effects have been identified with using summer savory as a medicine so far. Summer savory is also known to boost the sex drive.


Garden Aid

The traditional uses of summer savory also include its use as a garden aid. Growing summer savory in your garden proves helpful to other plants. According to Mother Earth News "savory is considered as a companion plant to both beans and onion”. This is so because it helps protect the beans against the ravages of the Mexican bean beetle and it encourages the growth of the onion plants.


Additional Substitutions

The traditional uses of summer savory do not end here. It has also been used in the form of a loose substitute for both pepper and thyme. It is not an exact substitution as it slightly changes the taste of the dish it is added to.



Summer savory has the most delicate flavor as compared to other species of savory and it adds a great flavor to food. 


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What Are The Traditional Uses Of Summer Savory