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Top 10 Useless Food & Drink Inventions

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Useless Foods

To prepare a write-up on “10 useless Food & Drive inventions”, we need not do a thorough research. We know them too well. We get to see these flimsy, plastic gadgets dice on television in between commercials breaks. 



It’s time to realize that the goal of most inventors is to create things that will revolutionize the world, however sometime disaster like useless inventions happen.


Listed below are few food and drink inventions which turned to be a disaster:


  • NyFork:

Pizza is one of the world's great lazy convenience foods. If you are too lazy to pick it up in your hand then, it's useful to those people.


  • Table Saw Cake Cutter:

Use it to cut those fancy cakes on your kid’s birthday, without smashing it.


  • Pizza Clippers

Pizza Clippers need no cutting board. One look at these Pizza Clippers and you can immediately see their usefulness.


  • Motorized Ice Cream Cone:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream will spin round and round as your tongue makes wonderful designs while slurping your summertime dairy dessert.


  • Banana Bunker:

The Banana Bunker protects the delicate fruit from bruising when placed in your backpack, nap sack, soft carrying case, or briefcase.


  • Cruzin Cooler:  

  • Cruzin Cooler  combines two basic necessities of life, the ability to have cold food or a beverage handy along with the means to get somewhere, without walking


  • Egg Cuber:

Use this nifty, easy to use egg cuber to transform a round, hard boiled egg into a square egg.


  • Wine Stoppers:

A Wine Stopper is a device used to seal a bottle of wine after it has been opened in order to prevent the wine from spoiling.


  • Spork:

A spork or a foon is a hybrid form of cutlery taking the form of a spoon-like shallow scoop with three or four fork tines.


  • Slap Chop:

The Slap Chop is a manual chopper machine that works when you slap the plunger part. Every slap triggers the 3 blades below to chop and cut vegetables, nuts, & fruits.


  • Salad Shooter:

The Salad Shooter is a handy tool for shredding large quantities of cheese, or slicing several potatoes for potatoes au gratin. The ease of cleanup and compact size make this a nice addition to your kitchen.


  • Egg Poacher:

An egg poacher is a piece of cookware meant to facilitate egg poaching. Using an egg poacher will yield evenly shaped, crisp poached eggs every time, and for people who make a lot of poached eggs, the device can be very handy.


  • Garlic Press:

A garlic press is a kitchen utensil to crush garlic cloves efficiently by forcing them through a grid of small holes, usually with some type of piston.


How useful food & drink inventions these are? It is up to us to decide...But I would say, such dumb inventions led to the best discoveries revolutionizing the world.


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Top 10 Useless Food & Drink Inventions