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5 Things To Know Before You Visit A Bakery





Visiting a bakery is probably one of the simplest things to do but here are things to know before you visit a bakery. Things to know before going to a bakery? Yeah. So you know what you are getting into if you don’t want to pile up on the calories. You shouldn’t be giving into temptation when you are on your slimming diet. Worse you shouldn’t be visiting a bakery at all!


Here are 5 things to know before you visit a bakery:


  1. Firstly, do know the timings of the bakery before you drive down for about 30 minutes only to find that they have closed for the day. Now that can piss you off majorly. Check their website, Facebook page to know the timings. If information is unclear, please call the bakery up to find their timings before you step out.
  2. If you want to order a birthday cake or anything else of huge proportions, pre-order it before you leave home to avoid disappointments like unavailability of the product. Worse they would have had the product and sold it just 5 minutes before you arrive at their gate. Such nasty surprises can be avoided by pre-ordering.
  3. If the bakery is always buzzing with activity and located in a crowded place you might want to decide on what you want to buy before you reach the bakery. Or at least, before reaching the counter to order make a list so it makes your life and the life of the person at the billing counter easy.
  4. If you are the loyalist of a small bakery, chances are that they will only stock limited goodies. So if you are planning to buy a big cake or anything in huge quantities, visit the bakery first thing in the morning when they are open for business. This way, you also get freshly baked goodies.
  5. Again, if you are planning on visiting a bakery in the evening you need to make sure the bakery is open because most bakeries close shop at around 9 in the evening. In such cases, you definitely need to exercise precaution by calling them up to know their timings.



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5 Things To Know Before You Visit A Bakery