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What Are The Various Uses Of Apricot Kernels

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Usage Of Apricot Kernels


There are various uses of apricot kernels which needs proper mentioning, to create awareness about its priceless health benefits. Apricots are counted among the most nutritious fruits and it has a range of uses from cosmetic formulations to cancer treatment. Apricot is native to the regions of central Asia, and Mediterranean terrains. It has been found that some distinct races of these regions are never the victim of Cancer like conditions, because they consume lots of apricot. In general a dose of 7 to 10 kernels is recommended by nutritionists. One should not consume more of it, as it has cyanide as an ingredient which could make some people allergic; some of them contract food poisoning, miscarriage, diarrhea, and dermatitis. However, if taken in moderation, apricot kernels have a lot to offer? Kernels are nothing but the central part of the fruit. The pith of apricot contains seed which is dried and grounded to be sold as commercial food item. Some of the uses of apricot kernels are:


Therapeutic uses

Apricot kernel has got many therapeutic uses. It is abundantly laden with an anti-carcinogenic component called amygdaline or laetrile. This is a natural anti-cancer molecule present in the core of the kernel and it is effective against cancerous cells. People showing some symptoms of cancer are kept on a diet rich in apricot. The chemical part of apricot kernels helps in driving out the nasty cancer causing cells, and provides a safe zone of healthy cells. The cyanide like component of amygdaline destroys the disease causing cells. Apricot kernels are also used for eye disorders and macular degeneration. One of there therapeutic uses is in the treatment of skin allergies.


Cosmetic uses

Apricot kernel is greatly acclaimed for being one of the best aids in beauty industry. Many skin and hair products contain apricot kernel as a major component. Apricot kernel contains esoteric oil, also known as poly unsaturated oil, which is skin friendly. Above all, a massage with apricot kernel oil provides a tightening effect which irons out the wrinkles from the skin. The non greasy texture of oil is also greatly praised. It is also used in hair formulations as it is known to strengthen the roots and make them grow.


Other uses

Apricot kernel is used in food stuffs like sauces, pancakes, fruits bites, pies, candies, and cookies. The kernels are used as a powder in some of dishes like risotto, as a flavoring agent in ice creams, and also as a thickening agent.



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What Are The Various Uses Of Apricot Kernels