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Which Oils Are Suitable For Fondue Cooking

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Even the thought of making fondue leaves my mouth watery.  For fondue lovers, this blog talks   about oils suitable for fondue cooking



This popular Swiss dish fondue means, “to melt.” So, fondue is any type of hot food, into which, either the food is immersed for cooking or in which, the finished food items are dipped and consumed. This makes fondue an interactive food, hence ideal to put it on the menu list in a party.

It’s not an easy task to determine, which oils are suitable for fondue cooking. Risk of messing up the flavor of fondue is high, if you are not choosy with oils used in fondue cooking. Selecting the type of meat or veggies is equally important. All that you need to do is to apply mothers’ recipe secrets to get that perfect taste.

First and the foremost it’s important to get the right oils suitable for fondue cooking. Making a hot oil fondue needs lot of tricks and one needs to follow few tips to get the perfection. This process can be quite rewarding, as it takes the sweat off you! Oil fondue works as both an appetizer and as a main course dish.

Meat fondue also known as oil fondue is a method of cooking all kinds of meats, poultry, and seafood in a pot of heated oil. Oils suitable for meat fondue are peanut or canola oil. In this cooking process, meat has to be cooked to a very high temperature in order to make it safe to eat, hence fondue oils, therefore, have to maintain at a high temperature. To withstand the high temperature up to 350 Fahrenheit  suitable metals or stainless steel fondue pots are used. This helps to keep the oil at desired temperature. Fondue pots are usually placed on the table and kept hot with the help of some type of cooking fuel.

When it comes to choosing best fondue oil, go for peanut oil as it can be heated to high temperature without smoke oozing out. Smoke will ruin the flavor of fondue. Other oils, which can be used are- canola oil, sunflower oil and soya oil. Note that olive oil can be used only to garnish the fondue, for strong flavor.

Fondue can be served with some side dishes like rice and salad, which make great sides that go with almost any cuisine. Fondue when served with Fondue dips like: Sour cream, Onion Parsley, Mushroom dip, Paprika, Avocado, Herb Butter Dipping, Beef Fondue Dip, etc. Serving fondue with 3 – 4 dips will be ideal.

So it’s very important to have the suitable oils for fondue cooking to make the cooking experience perfect. The guests will not stop praising you for the fantastic fondue. Try it; you will fall in love with this gastronomy. Wondering where to find fondue recipes? then visit .


Avoid eating directly from the fondue forks, as they may be very hot . Use a fork to lift the food and onto your plate and then eat it from the plate.

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Which Oils Are Suitable For Fondue Cooking