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What Are The Uses Of Rose Hips Syrup?

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Rose hips, the tangy berry like fruits, have been popular in UK since the WW II. However, the US has just recently awakened to this versatile fruit, which is filled with medicinal and nutritional virtues. If you are new to this fruit thatn reading this post on the uses of Rose Hips Syrup will give you a good insight. So, read on...



Raw Fruits

Rose hips plucked from the thickets of Rugusa Roses, which are tangy and fruity flavor like cranberries, sweet and sour. The fruits are bet to eat when they are crisp and are bright red and slightly soft because of increasing sugar content.


Culinary uses

The uses of rose hips, usually find way to a number of culinary uses like being used as a fresh, dried or preserved. Rose hips are used in the making of apple sauce, soups and stews, syrups and puddings, marmalade and tarts, breads and pies and for making jams and jellies. 

Rose hips find their way into the making of herbal tea that they are made by boiling the dried or crushed rose hips in combination with a teaspoon of dried mint, hibiscus and real tea.

rose hips

Rose hips are better alternatives to citrus fruits as the source of Vitamin C, and of all the rose hips those berries from the dog rose and Rugosa rose variety were found to contain higher amounts of vitamin C on par with the citrus alternative.


Medicinal Uses:

Rose hips are also known for the medicinal properties, which has been used by the Romans to treat nearly 32 disorders and the rose hip syrup is a highly refreshing drink that restore the body with energy. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose hips helps in treating knee or hip osteoarthritis.

Rose hips, due to the abundance of antioxidant nutrients like carotenoids, plant sterols, tocotrienols, anthocyanins, catechins and other polyphenolics, has been attributed for alleviating the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

Other medicinal uses will include their diuretic properties and laxative, for treating diarrhea and urinary tract disorders. They are also used in treating influenza.


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What Are The Uses Of Rose Hips Syrup?