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A Passion For Peanut Butter & An Art Exhibition

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Peanut butter is an eternal favorite among kids and adults alike. Its creamy and crunchy taste can drive a person and force him to do crazy things like eating the entire jar in one go or hiding it from his friends. A Passion For Peanut Butter & An Art Exhibition will show the extent to which a person can be passionate about this nutty delight.

National Peanut Month in March


President and founder of Restaurant Peanut Butter & Co. Lee Zalben is a great peanut butter fan. His love to this nut inspired him to open a specialty sandwich shop on Sullivan Street a decade ago where he offers variety of palate-bending flavors through creative peanut butter sandwiches for every day of the year. His madness got a new direction in the month of March when the National Peanut Board and Openhouse Gallery agreed to allow him to host world's first PB&J art exhibition in Nutropolitan Museum of Art to celebrate the National Peanut Month.

Peanut butter-inspired songs at launch


The three-day art exhibition in the pop-up art gallery on Mulberry Street had its grand opening on March 10, where Georgia White sung peanut butter-inspired songs like "Hot Nuts". Okalahoma’s Nude Furniture also performed a song on "Peanut Butter Girl". Zalben's sandwich creations are also put on display. Every family, which attended the ceremony, received a free peanut butter jar. The gallery also donated jars to the Food Bank for New York City.

Appetizers and cocktails with peanut touch


The guests were greeted with peanut-stuffed appetizers like Camarones Encacahuatados, peanut slaw and chicken sate and peanut butter-based cocktails with peanut topping. People enjoyed bakery-style white bread with peanut butter and Pez, an alternate to jelly, hot dog bun with peanut butter and a banana. Some silver-dollar pancakes, which were layered with honey and peanut butter, and olive bread with peanut butter, were also a huge hit.

Everyone praised Lee’s efforts


The National Peanut Board’s Jeffrey Pope, a peanut farmer, described the art exhibition as awesome because since there were so many pretty eatable things available in there. Fellow farmer and friend George Jeffcoat, who came with a tie with peanuts imprint on it, also found the exhibit as "outstanding".

Lee Zalben, 37, who was wearing a gold-plated peanut pin on his lapel, was overwhelmed to see crowd’s passion for peanut butter in the art exhibition. "Who knew that people loved peanut butter so much?" Lee asked and then said that must have been the reason he launched Peanut Butter & Co 13 years ago and finally the art exhibition this week.


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A Passion For Peanut Butter & An Art Exhibition