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How To Use Dried Marzipan

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Before I start discussing how to use dried marzipan, I would like to share first what Marzipan is because it is not a well k

nown kitchen ingredient. Marzipan is basically a confectionery product and a mixture of almond paste, powdery sugar; it is used with flavors and moistening agents like corn syrup, fondant, glucose, water, and egg-whites. for cake decoration Once Marzipan is mixed, it makes soft rubbery dough and it can be easily shaped, cut, molded, and rolled, which is dry in its consistency. Although dried marzipan has different use in confectionery baking techniques, commonly, marzipan is used as cake icing, pastry base, and for chocolate confections. Let’s see how dried Marzipan is used.

Using dry marzipan is simple but it is creative too. While you will use dried marzipan either for cake icing or to make pastry base, you have to get three items like marzipan, powdered sugar, cookie sheet, and edible colors and decorative powders which can be safely used on food products. The entire process is easy; however, it is to be done with care and precision.


How to use dry marzipan

First of all marzipan treated by a moistening agent should be converted into dough and you can add your favorite flavor in it. The dough needs random kneading until it becomes soft and uniform in consistency. Basically marzipan is gluey type so you have to sprinkle adequate amount of sugar powder on it to keep it handy for use.

You have to roll marzipan dough into a thin layer as thick you are planning for the use. Marzipan dough can be twisted into different forms like leaf, petal; in fact, floral designs with marzipan is popularly in use although human shaped figures and  other motifs can also be shaped with marzipan dough  with ease. If you want to make the base of pastry the dough has to be triangle, square, or oval or as per the pastry bottom shape.

You have to place the shaped piece of marzipan dough on the cookie sheet. After  placing, sprinkle sugar on it and  if you wish you can add minute artwork on these shapes. For example a flower petal should have flower like decoration, etc. You have to allot at least overnight time to get the decorations imprinted on the dough. The shapes can be colored with edible dyes, powders, and glitters.

Now its time to use of the dry marzipan made shapes on the cake top icing or a pastry base as you have decided before. The process to use dried marzipan is easy to manage task however for the learners it is better to use sugar powder on hand before kneading the dough.



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How To Use Dried Marzipan