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5 Tips To Make Delicious Bhang Lassi For Holi

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Whenever we talk about bhang lassi, we recall Holi. Holi is called the festival of colors; it is a fun filled and lively Hindu festival. Holi brings unlimited joy and pure fun, dance and music, and a colorful ambience all around. Holi has its exclusive food recipes and drinks as it is a festival which Indians prefer to enjoy with friends and family members. While pakoda and sweets are the conventional food recipes of Holi, bhang lassi is the unofficial traditional drink of this mirthful occasion.

What is Lassi

Before coming to define bhang lassi, let’s come to the point of lassi first. Lassi is traditional north Indian drink made with yogurt, water, and sugar. Often festive lassi is served with cream as toppings and it is called malai lassi. In Holi, malai lassi is served with a tinge of bhang in it. The idea of punching bhang is for simple enjoyment and to have a little dose of controlled intoxication, where we can liberate our tensions and stress and enjoy the festival in its true vibe.

Sweet Lassi is the food legacy of Punjab and Rajasthan states of India. It is a creamy, tasty drink almost like milkshake. It is blended with rose water for its flavor, and often treated with paste of different nuts and spices for taste and flavor. In Holi this sweet lassi is prepared with dash of bhang in it. Bhang lassi is locally called as thandai and it has its typical recipe made of water, milk, crushed ice, kesar pista, sugar, almonds, saffron, bhang and poppy seeds for intoxication. 

How Bhang lassi is prepared

So common holi tips can be the recipe of making bhang lassi at home and how to make this festive drink tasteful; it is always good to do the preparation at home and to consume it in fresh condition. The five tips mentioned here are for making the drinks as well as to preserve it in fresh and healthy condition.

  • Cannabis, which is popularly known as bhang, is a prohibited item for consumption in United States. In India it is sold from some unlicensed shops; however it is always recommended to purchase it from a licensed shop to be sure of its good quality.
  • Almond is a common ingredient in bhang lassi. It is added in the form of almond paste. Those who are allergic to almonds may try using cashew nut paste. Almond with cannabis may evoke allergic symptoms and food sensitivity.
  • Ginger is not a conventional ingredient for bhang lassi; however, adding raw ginger extract or ginger paste improves its general taste and neutralizes the acidic reaction of cannabis.
  • Instead of adding cow milk, combination of cow milk and coconut milk makes better taste for the lassi; instead of water, green coconut water can be added to lassi as it neutralizes the acidic reaction of this intoxicating drink.
  • Bhang lassi is best prepared in glass, plastic or soil made containers; you should avoid making it into metallic container because chemical reaction of cannabis and metal thus initiated may not be favorable for digestion.

Now it is time to arrange all the ingredients at home for making thandai for fortcoming Holi party. Have fun!!!


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5 Tips To Make Delicious Bhang Lassi For Holi