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6 Feet Pancake (Dosa)

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Last Sunday(30 April'07) we (me ,my parents and roomies) decided to have some South Indian dinner. The obvious choice was The Chennai Dosa now what to eat.... as all of us have the habit of doing things in style ..we ordered the Biggest Dosa (6 Feet Family Dosa) along with Smallest Idlis. ...

The Family Dosa

When the waiter gets the 6 feeter to your table ..and everybody is looking at you ,feels like a celibraty ... its more about the presentation and the feel Great factor than taste ,which makes this dosa ..popular....


The Biggest Dosa!!

Smallest Idlis

The Smallest Idlis

Dosa Fan club

Dosa Fans!

Ma and Baba


The Hungry Sumeet

Hungry Kya!!!


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This is probably the best blog i have read on ifood - i mean it is really interesting, nice pics and simply wowowowowo! you didnt how ever say if this is a regular item on the menu or just a special thingkeep posting more man - this is awesome - you are a foodie 
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looks yummmy... Nothing can beat South Indian Food :)
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North Indian food is better than South Indian any day. No wonder US has far more North Indian restaurants.
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lets start the great food debates series on ifood 1. north indian vs south indian (more specifically mughlai/punjabi vs south indian) 2. pepsi vs coke 3. Mcdonalds versus Burger King 4. Niruals Ice cream versus Baskins Suggest more folks !
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get lost SOUTH INDIAN IS ALWAYS BEST........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thats cause n.americans dont know much about south indian food. also north indian food is easier to make and keep consistant. south indian food takes more skill and can be hard to be consistant,thats why a lot of south indian restuarants around here dont last. the ones that do are super busy. south indian has a clean taste to it.north indian food use too much masala,unless its made right. i vote for south indian food. its the best.well, i should say best of the indian foods.take er easy indian folk. R.S.C,van.b.c,cdn
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why do you think so ? well north india is great !
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omg, this looks good!!  i wanna try it!! yummy!  :)
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wow.... Nice posting
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Thanks for all the "Cheerings"   This gives me the "push" to try the monster once more...@Khau_Khan :yes the Item is a regular one in Chennai Dosa menu...but unless its a big group people generally dont place the order !!
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Well debu, you forget my name is khau_khan. I am famous for my enormous appetite. I bet i can finish that dosa on my own. How about this? One foodie on ifood, Chef Hari just called me to say he knows a place which makes the 6 ft dosa in new jersey. Well i am gonna order this dosa, eat it and upload the video as proof! Did i say, mermaid is going to cheer me on :-)
Mermaid's picture
lolol did i? :Di'm not going unless i'll get to try some too! (just a tiny piece please.) i think i know how they make it up to 6 feet, but i would like to watch them making it. :)
debu's picture
Khau_Khan...we all are with you..(to cheer) about trying for a World record!!
khau.khan's picture
sure - well i am going to have fun , so forget the records awaiting your next blogs why dont you become the london correspondent for ifood ?
khau.khan's picture
how is sumoanand - tell him he rocks  so r you going to bea food reporter from london? 
khau.khan's picture
debu, i jut realized you have been a member of ifood for 33 weeks - but this is your first post  anyways , great post and i am really serious, you should email the ifood people and ask them to make you a volunteer food correspondent from londonthis may be a good resume enhancing experience for you
debu's picture
Hey Khau....good proposition....will surely give it a thought....after discussing with my roomie Sumo..
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
 very good pictures.....creative idea.....nice presentation!!!!!!!!!!!overall a great blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks!!!!!!!
kpratishnair's picture
good idea of giving a long dosa...
sumoanand's picture
But isn't it difficult to make..
debu's picture
difficult to make things are generally tastier .... at least ..its worth the admiration it receives...
farah's picture
It's interesting to find out. it must have been fantastic.  Me, i can't even make a regualar dosa
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I love going out for Dosa, but my idlis and sambar are great.
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Wow! Great Posting thanks debu Food Lover veerpradeep
6 Feet Pancake (Dosa)