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What Are The Culinary Uses Of Fennel?

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Go through this blog to know what are the culinary uses of fennel?

Fennel is widely known as one of  the most versatile plant across the world. Every small piece of this plant including the roots, leaves, stalk and seeds is very useful in various ways. Cited as one of the oldest of all the spices, its invention dates back to the time of Greeks. Although it is native to USA, Fennel is widely grown in various other countries. This versatile plant has various culinary uses in the kitchen when used as spice. It is a mild herb and has a very sweet aroma with mild flavor. Read on the following points to know what are the culinary uses of fennel?

What Are The Culinary Uses Of Fennel?

1.There are many countries that use fennel and its different parts in their different culinary preparation. Most culinary traditions use various fennel parts like bulb, foliage, and seeds. One of the most expensive and widely used fennel parts is fennel pollen. You can even use dried fennel parts.

2. People also use dried fried seeds. These are widely appreciated for sweet flavor, fantastic aroma and rich brown green color. The fennel leaves are also widely used in various dishes for its mild flavor.    

3. The fennel bulb is a very hard root, crisp plant that can be cooked in various ways such as stewed, sauteed, braised, roasted and grilled.

4. More interestingly, fennel can also be utilized for adding flavor in various branded  toothpaste to make it naturally effective.

5. Fennel is the prime ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine.  They use the fennel bulbs and fronds in both raw and cooked dishes. It is also used in Mediterranean side dishes, pastas, salads and different vegetarian dishes like artichoke and risottos.

6. Fennel seed is one of the most common ingredients in the extremely popular Italian sausages and meatballs. In addition, they are also used in northern European rye breads.

7. Indian subcontinent and various parts of Middle East also use fennel seed in their kitchen. It is the most significant herb or ingredient in Gujarati and Kashmiri dishes. It is also a crucial ingredient in various other Indian regional cuisines such as Assamese, Bengali or Oriya.

These are some of the prime culinary uses of fennel. Now that you know what are the culinary uses of fennel, you may  try to use this herb in every possible way. 

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What Are The Culinary Uses Of Fennel?