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Top 10 Ideas For Baby Baptism Cakes:

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Best Christening CakesChristening of baby with the name is a Christian tradition to commit the new arrival in your home to the community that you are involved and make a covenant with God. This tradition come with the concept of naming the child and in Europe and United States, you also commemorate the event by cutting the Christening cakes or baby baptism cakes as part of the celebration.

Choosing a baby christening cakes will require some level of scripture knowledge that you choose to add value to the occasion, and here are the baby baptism cake ideas to prepare jaw dropping and mouth-watering cakes.

  1. Shape: The shape of the christening cakes is much similar to wedding cakes, which are three circular cakes in three tiers with the smallest circle on the top. You can also choose two or one circle cakes also. Some of the other shapes will include the shape of baby shoes and the basket in which Moses traveled to a new home. Some even choose the Bible shape also.
  2. Theme: Mostly the baby christening cakes has a baby ‘cutsie’ theme with something biblical scenes and colors, or traditional and elegant themes. Mostly the cake is topped with baby based themes or designs like teddy bears, balloons, baby shoes, Moses basket filled with ducks, baby animals, butterflies, etc. Some of the other toppers on the rest of the cake will include flowers, ribbons, butterflies, buttons, etc.
  3. Color:As white is the color of the event many will prefer to go in for a plain white or vanilla color and is not boring, as you have options wide open for decorations. Other colors will include pastel colors, which also looks goof with flowers and other decorations.
  4. Flavor: Since white icing is popular, the cakes will be mostly vanilla flavored with a white color. Using your outer white creamy coloring, you should still be able to hide the chocolate or strawberry flavored cake in the inside. On this white, cakes you can also place freshly cut fruits and berries.
  5. Inscriptions: This may include simple inscription of the baby’s name and birth or christening date, a biblical verse or some inspirational and spiritual quotations.



BibleWhile these are some of the best ideas for baptism christening cakes, you will find here some more brilliant baby chirstening cake ideas to help you to take decisions.

  1. Compile a number of little cup cakes and make a three tiered cupcake stands, and decorate each cake with a different theme, will be great fun to see what them you and your guests get to discuss.
  2. Cross cakes: The traditional symbol of the trinity, the use of cross as a shape for your cake or on the cake as a decoration is the best way to leave not the important part of the covenant that you entrust your child into the Christian community.
  3. Angelsare real fun and having angel-topped cakes or on the side of the cake trays will signify that with christening you baby is also being protected and guided by her/his guardian angels.
  4. Open Bible, this again should be the most apt to suit the occasion and can choose an apt biblical verse on which you would like to contemplate with your family.
  5. Choose the favorite toys that your child likes to play with and blend well by using different shades of colors to suit the occasion.

Baby shoe ideasAfter reading this, don’t you think that your baby is going to have the best christening event?

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Top 10 Ideas For Baby Baptism Cakes: