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How To Care For Restaurant Cooking Equipment

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Restaurant cooking equipment is quite different from what we use at home. The cooking equipment used at home are much smaller and easy to clean. Restaurant cooking equipment on the other hand are difficult to take care of as they are used in a hurry and also used very roughly. One needs to take special care of these restaurant cooking equipment if one does not want to replace them frequently.

There are various kinds of cooking equipment used in a restaurant. Let us have a look at how we can take proper care of them.


  • Skillet– These are usually made of cast iron and are used immensely in a restaurant for frying and grilling. The grease gets stuck to these very easily. To clean these one must first get rid of the dirt stuck to its surface. You can do this by boiling some water in it. That helps the fat to come up and then with a mild scrubber clean the skillet.
  • Pots and pans– Lot of care is required to clean pots and pans. One needs to clean not only the inside of these equipments but also the outside. When soup or sauces are poured from them, they overflow from the sides. This in turn gets burnt and turns black when the pot is again kept back on fire. It is necessary to wash these equipments with warm water and a mild detergent and a soft scrubber. There are cooking equipment sprays that help the grease dissolve and cleaned easily.
  • Ovens – Special oven cleaner liquids are available. These should be used to clean the ovens. Also, care should be taken to cool down the oven before cleaning it. The detergents also should not be left for longer time than specified. This spoils the restaurant cooking equipment.

Apart from these major equipments, other cooking equipments like deep fryers, waffle and crepe machines, commercial griddles, toasters are also part of restaurant cooking equipment. They need to be cleaned properly with warm water and mild detergents.

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How To Care For Restaurant Cooking Equipment