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How To Use Wafer Paper On Cakes

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Wafer Paper for Cake DecorationUse wafer paper to craft beautiful designs and decorate the cake. You can use wafer paper, cut into various shapes and designs, paint them according to the colors of your choice and then decorate the cakes. Wafer paper, more commonly known as rice paper, is made from potato starch, vegetable oil and water. An edible product, using wafer paper you can enhance the look and appeal of the cake.

If you are very keen on decorating cakes, then you should definitely know how to use wafer paper to create designs and decorate cakes. Once you learn how to use wafer paper, you can create interesting patterns to suit various occasions like birthday or anniversary.

You can use wafer paper in various ways to beautify your cake.

Use Wafer Paper On Iced Cake

You can use wafer paper on a cake is already baked and has icing on it. To use wafer paper, you need to keep it on a flat surface with the smoother side of wafer paper upside. Using a food coloring pen, trace the outline of the design you wish to use for decorating the cake. Once done, using a hobby knife cut the shape. Use wafer paper design to stick to the iced cake with the help of an edible and clear gel. Along with using wafer paper, you may also use marshmallows and candies as decorative items.

Remember that the wafer paper should come off after some time Even if it is present, its fine as it is transparent and edible.

Use Wafer Paper On Unfrosted Cake

Using wafer paper, you can decorate an unfrosted cake. For this, you need to keep the cake in a freezer for about 15 minutes after baking it. Before using wafer paper directly, you need to create designs on the wafer paper by drawing an outline of the desired image. Once you draw, pick a color of your choice and paint the rice paper. With the help of a hobby knife, you need to cut the shape out from the rice paper. Now you have created a stencil using wafer paper.

Now, take the cake out of the freezer. Use wafer paper stencil on cake’s top. Once done, you can sprinkle anything granular of your choice, including powdered cocoa, powdered sugar or even powdered cashew. Remember, you need to dust inside the stencil and not outside. Once done, remove using rice paper. Your cake is ready to be cut and served.

Use Wafer Paper For Actual Decorations

Till now, we were looking at how to use wafer paper to create stencil designs and then decorate the cake with the help of those stencils. But, you can use wafer paper itself for as a decorating substance for the cake. As said before, create designs and color using a food coloring pen. Once you cut the designs out of the rice paper, hold it over mild steam, allowing the rice paper leaves to curl. Now, you can use wafer paper steamed leaves to decorate your cake.

Try to be more creative with the designs while using wafer paper. Remember, you can use wafer paper directly and indirectly to make your cake look more attractive and tastier.

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How To Use Wafer Paper On Cakes