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Learn These Four Tips For Healthy Soup Recipes

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Soups are an all-time favorite, but the worry of empty calories, with the amount of added cream and butter, can make us think twice about indulging.  However, by following the four tips for healthy soups listed below, you can enjoy this dish without having to worry about calories! Just a little alterating and care is required.

I’m sure whenever you’ve come across tips for making healthy soups, you must have read about using fresh ingredients, fresh vegetables etc. That is the first and possibly most important step.  Mix and match as many fresh vegetables as you can and refrain from using canned or tinned vegetables as they are full of preservatives. You can also try frozen vegetables.

Using low-fat milk to thicken your soups instead of cream or cornflour is another option. Cream is rich and full of excess calories and though it might look tempting, it is very unhealthy. So chuck the cream for a healthier option of using milk.

Another tip for healthy soups is to go easy on the butter or oil while making the soup. If after you've prepared the soup you notice it contains a lot of fat, try to remove or ‘blot’ the fat. To get that excess fat out of your soups, you can try these simple techniques—

  • Placing a paper towel over the surface of the soup bowl and once it absorbs the fat, quickly remove it with care.
  • You can also keep the soup in freezer for few hours and when the layer of fat solidifies, then remove it using a spoon.


Finally, use herbs and seasoning like pepper to add flavor to your soups in place of heavy ingredients.


Common sense also goes a long way in creating a healthy soup.  For example, try to make soups with clear broths rather than cream-based and use lentils rather than processed noodles.  Just remember to keep the four tips provided above in mind to keep this meal nutritional and delicious.  


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Learn These Four Tips For Healthy Soup Recipes