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6 Most Surprising Uses Of Lemons

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I love the zesty tartness of lemons... and they always remind me of those warm summer days, when I indulge in liters and liters of lemonades and lemon juices, make tarts and the cakes using lemon.


Apart from all this, there are many surprising uses of lemons, which make them a handy something in the kitchen. From salads to stir fries, soups and dressings, you there are many other ways of using lemons. A dash of lemon or the grated rind, are some of the other common ways of using lemons.


Other surprising uses of lemons.

1. One uses the cutting board almost everyday, and it does get stained most often. It is hard to get these stains out using a normal brush and water. In such cases come another surprising uses of lemons. All you have to do is rub some lemon on the cutting board and leave it on for half an hour. Now scrub hard using lemon rind, and soon you will get all the dirt, stains and the odors of the cutting board out.


2. In the Southern part of India, they make a special dish using lemons called the lemon rice. You can easily make a power out of lemon and use this to season rice, meat and veggies. Take the zest out of the lemon using a grater and spread it out on a plate. Leave this in the sun for a couple of days, till they dry completely. Once they are all dried up, use your hands to make a fine powder of this zest, and keep tucked away in an airtight container. The magic powder can work wonders in almost any dish, and is a rather surprising use of lemons.


3. Worried about bad breath? Freshen them up naturally using lemon zest. You can make candy out of this which can be used to add zing to your yogurt or tea or which can be used to freshen your breath. Who would have though that there could be such surprising uses of lemons.


4. If you have a bad cold, you can add a dash of lemon and honey to tea or hot water. While the hot drink will reduce the level of congestion, the vitamin C in the lemon will boost the immune system. Another one of those surprising uses of lemons.


5. If you pick up many apples and pears and are worried about them turning a shade of brown, start using lemons. Squeezing a little of the lemon juice on these cut fruits will keep them from browning. The main reason for this is that the acid content in lemons prevent oxidization. Ain't it another surprising use of lemons?


6. Tea has antioxidants called flavonoids and these can be fatal when freshly brewed. You can reduce the impact of this by using lemon juice to your brew. This way the Vitamin C and the citric acid will preserve the flavonoids.


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6 Most Surprising Uses Of Lemons