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How To Use Herbs While Making Desserts

How To Use Herbs While Making Desserts! That is a lesson that the Western palate must pay a million bucks to learn. With all due respect to the Western cuisines, I do find them bland in comparison to the Eastern ones. I plan to blog about that on a later date, but not now. This post is going to be about how we can use herbs while making desserts. Most of us have substantial idea of how to use herbs while preparing many of the main course dishes. But, we are a little hesitant when we have to use herbs while making desserts. To make herb desserts or not to make herb desserts; that is the question. I will have to say 'Yes' to that. Just because you don't know them, you cannot be afraid of them, right?


There are many herbs, if and when used in specific combinations, result in such delightful flavors. Let me give a head start of some of the herbs used in dessert making. Mint, rose, rosemary, dill, caraway, saffron, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, elderflower, angelica, coriander, bay leaves, bergamot, geranium, lavender, lemongrass etc. Whew! This is one extensive list that will go on.


One of the best ways to use herbs while making desserts is by doing some research. This way you will learn what goes well with what. When you are just starting out with using herbs in your desserts, it is best to stick to what is given in the recipe. A lot of us tend to commit the rookie mistake of killing the dish with an overdose of herbs. I am wanted by the 'food police' for killing a dish or two.


Another great way of using herbs while making desserts is by the legendary 'trial and error' method. While some of us have the need to stick by the rules of the cookbook, some of us have the need to be the renegade in the kitchen. We love to experiment with cooking and see where it leads us to. If you are one of those kitchen renegades, please feel free to experiment with your herbs in your desserts. You might actually end up with something that is interesting and absolutely flirtatious on your palate.


As you decide to use herbs while making desserts, remember to use the freshest ones. If you are using dried herbs, make sure that they have not lost any of their essence. When you buy dried herbs, remember to check the expiration dates on their covers.


Now that you are all set, make herb desserts and gimme a holler. I would love to taste the interesting concoction that you have made.


Mazel Tov!


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How To Use Herbs While Making Desserts