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What Are The Uses Of Red Wine

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Uses of red wine have remained prominent for over the years. Uses of red wine have been considered even while preparing anti-ageing creams. Most anti-aging creams contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin. The main antioxidant, resveratrol, in red wine stops the elasticity of the skin. It fosters the production of collagen.  Uses of red wine include ironing out wrinkles and improving the eyelids. This is a great remedy for all those who want to look young and beautiful.

Also resveratrol is good against inflammatory diseases. It can treat appendicitis, peritonitis and sepsis.

Coming to cooking uses of red wine, meat pork and beef can be marinated in red win. Add some red win in spaghetti sauce for a great taste. Try using red wine in blue cheese butter.

Red wine is used to poach fruits such as fresh pears. Making sangria is one of the uses of red wine. If you have opened a bottle of red wine, do not worry. Make sangria as the quality is not important in this. Just pour red wine over sliced fruits and add some sugar. Chill and serve.

Uses of red wine also include marinating strawberries. This is done using red wine that is left over after having a drink. Place strawberries in a glass boul. Pour wine on top and also dust some sugar on top. Refrigerate for sometime before serving.

Using red wine in cooking brings out a great flavor in the foods. Uses of red wine in cooking include adding to recipes that make use of tomatoes such as spaghetti sauce, lasagna sauce, tomato soup.

Marinate chicken in red wine. Try this French recipe using red wine.

Uses of red wine are not limited to marinating and cooking. They also extend great taste to salads. Do not worry if red wine starts to turn into vinegar. Use to for salad dressing. Mix it with any oil such as olive oil and try to make it into a typical vinegar dressing. Substitute red wine for balsamic vinegar.

The uses of red wine are unlimited. Try making a few foods using red wine. 

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What Are The Uses Of Red Wine