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Top 10 Anticancer Salads

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You can beat cancer blues with the help of these top 10 anticancer salads. These salads are stacked with powerful vegetables, and fruits, which have exhibited strong cancer fighting properties.  Here is our take on top 10 anticancer salads:


  1. Cauliflower and Broccoli Salad: This is one of those effective salads that prevent cancer because it combines the anti cancerous properties of broccoli and cauliflower. This salad is squared by combining broccoli, cauliflower, onion, carrots, garlic and red pepper. Salt, red wine vinegar, olive oil and orange juice are used to flavorise the salad.


  2. Tomato Mint Quinoa Salad: This refreshing salad is the blend of herbs, vegetables and spices.  Quinoa is considered to be the low index glycemic grains, which serves as the healthy option for rice and bread. This is one of the effective anticancer salads which combine the power of lycopene found in tomato and freshness of mint. The salad is squared by combining quinoa, water, raisins, salt, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, mint, cilantro and spices like pepper, ground cumin, turmeric and olive oil.

  3.  Nutty Cabbage Salad:  This is one of the effective salads that prevent cancer and it is squared by mixing cabbage heads, ramen noodles, sunflower seeds, green pepper, peppers, almonds, sugar, salad oil, seasoning mix, pepper, vinegar, and salt. The cabbages are rich in a chemical called indole-3-carbinol, which boosts the DNA repair in cells and blocks the growth of cancerous cells. Indeed this is one of the best anticancer salads around.  

  4. Warm Spinach and Roasted Vegetables Salad: This is one of the nutritious salads that prevent cancer and is packed with power vegetables such as tomato and spinach. The tomatoes are rich in lycopene and spinach is rich in anticancerous chemical called “Lutein”.  This effective anticancer salads, which is squared by mixing organic spinach, organic yellow, red, and orange peppers, sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes, courgette, virgin olive oil and sea salt is delicious.

  5. Massive Multicolored Salad: This is one of the powerful anticancer salads, which is squared by mixing lots of veggies, herbs and spices. These veggies, herb and spices are well-known for their anti-cancerous properties. The ingredients like rocket leaves, baby spinach leaves, baby beetroot leaves, watercress, cauliflower/broccoli florets, sugarsnap, cherry tomatoes, black olives, avocado, asparagus, tuna flakes, red onions, and sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds – go in the preparation of  this salad.  No wonder that it is considered one of the effectivesalads that prevent cancer.

  6. Orange Avocado Indulgence: This is tasty and sumptuous salad finds mention in the list of anticancer salads because it packs the power of spinach, oranges, and avocado. These vegetables are known for their strong anticancerous streak. The combining ingredients include spring mix, spinach, mint, oranges, avocado, red bell pepper, walnuts, and orange pomegranate vinaigrette.  This vinaigrette is prepared by combining garlic cloves, balsamic vinegar, turmeric, olive oil, black pepper, grated orange peel, pomegranate juice and oranges.  Owing to the name we can say that this is one of the indulging anticancer salads.

  7. Salsa: This belongs to the league of anticancer salads which is prepared by using ingredients like cherry tomatoes, black beans, mango, turmeric, ginger, onions, black pepper, olive oil, lime juice and orange. These ingredients have one or the other compounds that have anticancerous properties. Other than that corn kernels, cilantro, red onions, fresh ginger, lime juice, orange juice, cumin, and ground pepper is also used to prepare this salad.  Actually these ingredients make it one of the powerful salads that prevent cancer.

  8. Fusion Delight: This is one of the strongest anticancer salads savored throughout the world. This salad combines ingredients like corn salad, endive, basil, mango, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, white pepper, lemon, and cheddar cheese.  Its ingredients are rich in omega 3 acids and other essential oils.

  9. Brazilian Salad: This salad is prepared by combining ingredients like cabbage, arugula, black olives, boiled egg, tomatoes, thyme and olive oil.  All these ingredients have contributed to catapult this salad into the list of powerful salads that prevent cancer.

  10. Greek Salad: Greek salad belongs to the class of leading anticancer salads, which are squared using ingredients such as red onion, Romaine lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata leaves, and Feta Cheese. 


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Top 10 Anticancer Salads