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Top Foodie Cities Of America - Savor The Buzz

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What cities come to mind when I say 'quickly name America’s top foodie cities'. I think New York and Los Angeles are the ones that spring up first. Perhaps Chicago might be a third in the guesses but definitely not in the top two. However if you take a closer look at the number of wine stores, farmers markets, high end restaurants, there are a lot of factors that will make several other U.S. cities grace that coveted list. Here’s taking a look at the top foodie cities.

Napa Valley lies Santa Rosa is the biggest city in the area and known for its wine. More than 80% of the restaurants here are local with 156 wine shops in the city. Of course with wine comes cheese and this area is spattered with local cheese eateries. A special mention goes to Joe Matos Cheese Factory which has a particularly fantastic selection of cheese.

No one should be surprised to see Portland, Oregon mentioned here. Almost 80% of restaurants are local with nearly a hundred breweries. This city is known for promoting local places, vegetarian food, and breweries. It has the infamous Stumptown Coffee, a café that you must try if you are a coffee lover.

Another Portland that makes it to this list is the one in Maine. This city is known more for its lobster and chowder. With farmer's markets in plentiful, you get a lot of local great tasting bacon, honey, lamb and potatoes. Restaurants worth trying out here are Back Bay Grill and Emilitsa.

It would be a crime to not mention this city, San Francisco, CA. There are 40 farmers markets, 35 breweries, and 10 Whole Foods grocery stores. California being famous for its wine means plenty of local wine all over the city. There are multiple culinary tours you can take here as well. Restaurants to try here are Chez Panisse, Delfina, Incanto, Range, Swan Oyster Depot and Zuni Café.

Last on the list is Providence in Rhode Island. Places you should definitely visit are Al Forno, Siena, and Madeira which is known for its Portuguese food. This city has a very unique food culture with more than 80% of its restaurants being local.

Hopefully after this read, you will be tempted to visit and experience other top foodie cities in America.

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Top Foodie Cities Of America - Savor The Buzz