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Tips For Planning A Valentines Day Dinner: Cooking Valentines Day Food V/S Ordering Food For Valentines Day

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valentines day dinnerWith just a few more days left for the much awaited Valentines Day to com, you will definitely be confused with your valentines day dinner preparations – whether cooking Valentines Day food is better or ordering food for Valentines Day is better. Cooking Valentines Day food has its own benefits and deficits, while ordering food for Valentines Day has its own.

Whether it is cooking Valentines Day food or ordering food for Valentines Day, just remember that your objective is to impress your partner this Valentine’s Day. Let us see what can be done.

Let us start with cooking Valentines Day food. If you are a good cook, then you can try some special recipes for the day or you can stick on to the favorite recipes of your partner while cooking Valentines Day food. To start with cooking Valentines Day food, you can cook Melon, Jamón, and Mini Mozzarella skewers and serve these romantic Valentine’s Day starter with Pinot Blanc or dry Riesling.

While cooking Valentines Day food main menu, try your hand at preparing rack of Lamb with Herbes de Provence and roasted tomatoes.  Make sure to include a Shiraz while serving the main course. You partner will definitely enjoy the food. To add to the romance while cooking Valentines Day food, you can ask your partner to join you.

Cooking Valentines Day DinnerNo dinner is complete without a dessert. So, while cooking Valentines Day food dessert, you can try shaping a cake in the shape of a heart. Wait! Valentines Day without chocolates? That is impossible. So, try to using chocolate icing. If your partner does not like chocolate icing cake, then you may try strawberry or vanilla icing. Use fresh roses to decorate the cake. If you can prepare handmade chocolates, it will be great. You can get heart-shaped molds in the market that you can use while shaping the chocolates.

So, a personal touch comes to the dinner while cooking Valentines Day food. But the minus points? As far as I have tried, your partner will definitely be impressed with the deficits, even the dish turns out to be something else than what you were supposed to make.

For people who prefer not cooking Valentines Day food, can opt for ordering food for Valentines Day. There are many options for ordering food for Valentines Day. You can order pizzas, pastas, burgers and what not.

Ordering food for Valentines DayYes, I do agree that you will have a wide range of options while ordering food for Valentines Day when compared to cooking Valentines Day food and of course, it may taste great also. But, personally, food ordered for Valentines Day lack some great ingredients – love, affection and care. Plus, of course from health point of view, food ordered will never be same as food cooked at home. While ordering food for Valentines Day can save your time and help you to concentrate more on other aspects, you might fail to create your desired impression, especially if this is your first Valentine’s Day or you are celebrating a Valentine’s Day after a rough patch in your relation.

But, even if you are ordering food for Valentines Day, try to give it a personal touch. You can transfer the ordered food into some classy bowls and decorate it. If you are ordering your dessert also, say ice cream, then choose according to your partner’s wishes.

Personally, I would prefer cooking Valentines Day food than ordering food for Valentines Day. Remember that a personal touch is all that is required to make a difference.

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I will definitely try cooking. But you could have mentioned some Indian dishes. Anyways great!