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Yo Momma's Best Stuffed Peppers


Hi Everybody,

Here's What You Need :

I Make My Peppers W Hambuger But  You Can Use Chicken Or Sauage Or Turkey, Doesnt Matter

Really, After All Its Your House...

You Need 4 Peppers From The Store, Pick Red, Yellow, Or Green Peppers

Here In Tulsa, It Costs Me About  $ 4.00, I Know Right?!

2. Next You  Need About 2 Cups Of Rice, If You Use Min. Rice From Store (about ($2.50) This Recipe Will Only Take About 10-15 Min's If You Cook Your Own Rice (About 50 Cents) It Could Take You About 25-35 Mins)

3. 1/2 - 3/4 Package Of Chili Seasoning, Pick The Kind You Like, I Use Save Brand (About 80 cents)

4. Canned Corn Is Opptional (50 cents A Can)

I Think The Mixture  Looks & Tastes Better With It Added

5. 1 Can Of Crushed Tomatoes

So I Basically Spent $10.50 To Feed 4 People

Let's Do This.. .Heres How To Start: 

Grab A Pan Like Mine Or Simular, Cut Off The Tops Of Peppers, Wash And Put In Pot Of Water To Boil For About 10 - 15 Mins. Then Set Aside In Sprayed Baking Pan (Metal, Pyrex) Just Oven Safe... Cool


(I Sprinkle A Lil Sea Salt After Their Done)



You Can Do This In Steps, Or All @ Once,

I brown My Hamburger, While My Peppers Are Cooking, I Season My Meat

With Dried Onion Flakes, & Lawreys Garlic, 

And I Cook The Crap Out Of My Meat On Medium High For About 10 min's

Then I Drain The Grease, A Little Left In Your Pain Wont Hurt ; )


Next I Add My Chili Seasoning & 1 Can Of Crushed Tomatos

Also About 3/4 Cup Water (Needs To Be A Lil Juicy) 

Because Rice Will Soak Up Alot Of The Water,

So Add Enough That It Looks A Lil Soupy/Saucey...


Then I  Add  My Rice ( I Like About 1/1/2 - 2 Cups)

I Like Extra Meat On The Side Of My Pepper... Mmm

Next  I Add  A Can Of Corn (Drained), ~ Your Skillet Should Look Like This

(My Food Makes Everybody Happy & Full) !!! : )



Ok, Time To Plate This Bad Boy!!

Get Large Spoon And Fill Your Peppers,

I Say All The Way Up, Than Just Add The Rest

Of Your Meat Mixture Around The Sides Of Peppers,




Mother Goose Likes Her Beer And I Like My Cheese,

So I Put A Lil Cheese On Top,

Cuz Thats How I Like To Roll It Out  For You  From My 918 Town House, lol


Ok Kiddies,

It's Time To Finish My Beer,  & Vape My E-Cig While These Bad Boys Get Nice & Gooey

Just Put In The Oven On 325 Degrees for About 12 Min's Or So...

Just Melt That Cheese Baby!!


I will post picture when i cook them

Now Its Time Feed My Gate Keepers, lol  

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Yo Momma's Best Stuffed Peppers