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How To Transport Cupcakes - To Friends & Relatives

How To Transport Cupcakes - To Friends & Relatives? Good question! If you thought baking cupcakes and making the fancy icings on top was the difficult part; well think again. Transporting cupcakes is the biggest challenge after all. I love cupcakes; who doesn't! During the Holiday season, I buy cupcakes to give to my friends, and a dozen restless nieces and nephews. But to transport cupcakes by any vehicle, or even by hand is very difficult. These cupcakes squish against each other at the slightest motion. You know what I mean, right? But, Holiday 2010 was different. I did some research and found out some ingenious ways to transport cupcakes. I will be sharing with you, all that I found about how to transport cupcakes.


  1. It is called as the Cupcake Courier Cupcake Caddy. You should be able to find it in any of the big departmental stores or hypermarkets. This is a foolproof way to transport cupcakes. I got one last year and it works fine by me. One cupcake caddy will hold 36 cupcakes but it could become a little bulky.

  2. Buy those small, cupcake sized individual cardboard boxes, and transport cupcakes in them.

  3. One of my friends gave up a career in journalism and decided to become a baker. And she does make the best cupcakes that I know. So I asked her whether transporting cupcakes was challenge for her. Being the pro that she is, she said that she uses her baking trays to transports her cupcakes. You can do what she does.

  4. You can carry the plain cupcakes to your destination, and then do the icing once your reach there. Then again, it depends upon your convenience.

  5. You can buy one of the cake boxes from a baker along with some small party cups. Add a little glue to the bottom of these cups and line them inside the cake box. Space them out evenly. Let them dry and set well inside the box. You can them place your cupcakes inside the party cups and transport them as you like.


So, go on bake your cupcakes with love or buy them with love. Now that I have given you some tips on transporting cupcakes, you can transport them minus the creamy mess.


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How To Transport Cupcakes - To Friends & Relatives