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Journey Of A Fried Chicken In New York City

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Fried chicken in New York City doesn’t seem quite right! After all, the fried poultry had been the specialty of the Southern regions of America until very recently with most of the inhabitants swearing by their fried chickens. However, the trend seems to have reversed somewhat with the fried chicken journey being made north wards now. Let us try and trace the journey of the fried chicken in New York City, a traditional dish which has its roots deeply entrenched in the Southern States of USA.


The Congee Village restaurant located in Chinatown specializes in serving a hacked chicken which is crunchy and filled with sweets and spice. The manager confirms that the fried chicken in New York would not be popular if it wasn't spiced up well and truly.


The fried chicken journey further takes us to one of the Fatty Crab restaurants where Corvin Karve concentrates on Thai chicken which takes five days to prepare. The thin crusted fare fried chicken in New York City is quite popular while Karve dismisses the thick crusted one as pure junk food thus substantiating the fact that the nature of the food has changed during the course of the fried chicken journey.


The traditional chicken served down South barely contains a seasoning of salt and pepper, the thick crust is the tastiest part while the meat underneath is often woolly and full of fat. The fried chicken in New York is entirely different now. With Creole, Japanese and even vintage Korean versions abounding the fried chicken in New York City has received a tremendous boost when it comes to the taste. The presence of the unhealthy MSG is however, a different story altogether.


The renowned chef David Chang was inspired by the fried chicken in New York when he posed a challenge for all cooks to create a genuine fried chicken dinner worthy of the Momofuku name.


The final meal is now available at the Noodle Bar and includes the traditional American fried chicken in New York prepared with the aid of rice flour batter and seasoned with Old Bay spices.


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Journey Of A Fried Chicken In New York City