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How To Use Citric Acid In Canning Salsa

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Use citric acid in canning salsaCanning salsa is a very important step in preparing salsa if you want to use the prepared salsa for one year. Various ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice are often employed in canning salsa but use of citric acid in canning salsa has been found very effective in preserving the taste as well as the quality of the salsa. Moreover, if you want to adjust the pH value or acid count, use citric acid. Using citric acid in salsa also makes your salsa bit acidic that tastes delicious and has very least impact on the flavor of the salsa. So it’s often recommended to use citric acid and preserve your salsa safely for one year. Let’s see how we can use citric acid in canning salsa.


First of all collect all the ingredients that you want to use in preparing salsa. Take a large bowl preferably non-metallic and put all the ingredients into it. Stir the mixture and then transfer it to a saucepan having an airtight lid. Boil the mixture for about 10 minutes and then let it cool for 10 minutes.


Once the salsa gets cool, take a measuring cup and measure the amount of salsa. Now here you have to use citric acid and add it cautiously as per the amount of salsa. The basic idea behind the amount of using citric acid in salsa is that ½ teaspoon of citric acid has to be added to the per pint of salsa. In this way you can easily use citric acid in canning salsa.


After using citric acid in salsa, take the canning jars and fill the salsa into it. Securely lid the canning jars and then keep them in a large saucepan so that you can completely cover the jars with cold water. After adding cold water in the saucepan, lit the burner and let the water boil for at least 15 minutes. This is necessary for processing of salsa. Once you are over with processing, store the salsa filled jars in cool and dark place and use it for one year.


In this way use citric acid in canning salsa and enjoy the taste of salsa for one year as using citric acid in salsa prevents its spoilage.


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How To Use Citric Acid In Canning Salsa