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How To Drizzle Olive Oil On Food And Bring That Italian Flavor Back

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On what kind of food do we drizzle olive oil to get the optimum flavour? Well, ask anyone, they will come up with only one answer – Italian. Olive oil is closely associated with Italian food, and thus it is difficult to imagine any other cuisine that can be associated with drizzling olive oil.  Italian is no longer a cuisine enjoyed by Italians alone but is a globally popular cuisine. There are umpteen restaurants which serve Italian and one item is common in all of them – a bottle of olive oil on the table. Therefore, olive oil is the main ingredient that completes the taste of Italian food.

When we think about Italian food, only two names come to our mind – pizza and pasta. But truly speaking there is lot more to this. Italian food consists of varieties of salads, appetizers, pastas, pizzas, seafood and meat dishes. Almost in every Italian dish, olive oil is a must. Drizzling of olive oil over all the dishes completes the authentic Italian taste.

We need to remember that there are various types of olive oil available in the market. This is confusing for a non-Italian. However, there are some easy ways through which we can easily identify the right olive oil to pick for a particular Italian dish. Extra virgin olive oil is something which brings back the Italian flavour in your food. A good extra virgin olive oil is expensive and should be used sparingly.

Drizzle olive oil on your salad and you are sure to get the authentic Italian fragrance. The extra virgin olive oil brings back the flavour in your salads, pastas and pizzas. However, one should not drizzle a large amount of olive oil as it may spoil the taste. Drizzling olive oil to get the Italian flavour can also be done with some flavoured olive oils that are popular in the market. To name a couple are chilli infused are garlic infused olive oil. Drizzle olive oil these over your pasta and get the rich flavour. These are, however, not recommended for salads.

Olive oil is used in Italian cooking also. They give flavour to the dish but you can hardly smell it. The drizzling of fresh olive oil on your food is a good option to give the finishing touch to your meal. 

Those who are health conscious need not get worried about having a layer of oil over your food – olive oil is very healthy and nutritious. So next time you visit an Italian restaurant be sure to drizzle olive oil on your food and have an unforgettable experience.

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How To Drizzle Olive Oil On Food And Bring That Italian Flavor Back