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Atlantic Weather Is Bringing Fish Decline

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The fish decline associated with the striped bass had been successfully combated back in the 1980s by setting stringent rules which forbade overfishing. But the low rate of the marine animal this time round could be much more serious as the scientists now suspect that the weather brings fish decline as well. The Atlantic weather is bringing fish decline fears Bob Wood, a biologist attached with the ‘National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’.


Wood is now conducting a research into the cause of the fish decline which hopes to establish the fact that it is the weather behind the decline of fish. A study of the AMO or the ‘Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation’ will take us closer to the truth feels Wood.


The AMO is known to have affected marine life whenever the shift in winds and oceanic current takes place. The phenomenon is known to occur every 35 years at the North Atlantic region causing a substantial fish decline in the area. The AMO is also known to affect the local weather along the coasts of Atlantic, states Ed Martino an associate of Wood.


The changes in temperature and precipitation is one of the predominant factors of fish decline explains Martino reiterating the fact that such climatic changes could play havoc with the saline levels of the sea thereby striking at the very base of the food chain, the Plankton. It is these tiny marine creatures that are consumed by the Striped Bass. The loss of Planktons caused by the AMO shift results in fish decline corroborates the two biologists.


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Atlantic Weather Is Bringing Fish Decline