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How To Dissolve Sugar Into Alcohol - And Why

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Dissolve sugar into alcohol to make it sweetDissolving sugar into alcohol is an easy process and you will soon discover how and why. Alcohol is one such thing that has been around since the very early part of man’s history and it plays quite a prominent role in society these days. It is believed according to some archaeologists that it has been more than 10,000 years now that wine made from grapes has existed. And perhaps beer has been around for even longer. There is some speculation from historians that prehistoric nomads may have used grain and water to make beer even before they learnt how to make bread. There is record of ancient Greeks, the Norse, Egyptians, and Babylonians all to have indulged in producing and consuming alcohol. In fact it is a well known fact that Egyptians even put alcohol in the burial provisions of the dead so they could have it in their afterlife.


There are different kinds of alcoholIn modern day society there is hardly an occasion now where alcohol is not served, be it a wedding, birthday, get together, office functions, festival celebrations, or even seducing the opposite sex. Alcohol is of various different kinds, the popular kinds are wine, whisky, beer, rum, gin, brandy, vodka and gin. All these different kinds of alcohol barring beer and wine are used to make cocktails like the popular margarita or daiquiri. For these cocktails the recipe demands that you mix sugar in the alcohol to make the taste sweet. There is a very simple step by step process on how to dissolve the sugar into alcohol. The syrup is used as a substitute for raw sugar and for creating rich volume.


The first thing you need to do is decide what cocktail you will be making and what the level of sugar concentrate you need for it. Mojitos for instance require quite a bit of sugar. Take a clean glass and pour the alcohol in it. The next step is to take one part of sugar and one part of alcohol and put it into a bottle with a cap that can be screwed on tight. Shake the bottle to create sweet syrup. Set this aside for just a minute and you have the syrup ready to use. Pour this slowly into the alcohol and stir for a bit to allow it to dissolve completely in the alcohol. That’s about it. This is a very simple, easy method on how to dissolve sugar into alcohol to make delicious cocktails.


Add appropriate amount of sugar into cocktail to make it more tastySome important things to remember while dissolving sugar into alcohol is that the warmer the alcohol, the easier sugar dissolves in it, so if it is a chilled drink, the sugar will take longer to mix. If you need to make this in a jiffy, use hot water to dissolve sugar in the bottle. Sugar dissolves faster in hot water as the energy in the hot water causes the molecules to move faster and the diffusion faster. You can make a small or a large batch and simply store it away for quick and easy use the next time you want to whip up some cocktails.


So there you have it, how to dissolve sugar in alcohol to make delicious cocktails in the blink of an eye.


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How To Dissolve Sugar Into Alcohol - And Why