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How To Use Sugar To Brew Beer At Home?

brew beer with sugar

Have you ever known you can use sugar to brew beer? Anything that helps fermentation can be used so using sugar to brew is common. The types of sugar you can use for brewing beer include corn sugar, cane sugar (the common variety you use in your kitchen) and brown sugar.


If you are a beer lover and your beer craving is as often as every day, you can try brewing your elixir at home. Who knows, if it turns out to be easy (which it actually is) and economical than buying from a store, chances are that you might want to stick to brewing bee at home. Brew bottles of the golden liquid and stack them in your refrigerator. Also keep in mind that brewing beer is a time consuming matter.


One other thing though, the fermentation process makes your house stink seven heavens and if your neighbour complains of smell you will have to take care of that.


The other benefit of brewing beer is that (other than the fact that you can drink your own brew) is that it makes for a very thoughtful gift. Imagine gifting your friend and family a bottle of homebrewed beer. No other better way to strengthen your bond.


Here is how you brew beer in a very simple manner with sugar, indeed.


For brewing, you will need brown sugar, vinegar, one pack of dry yeast (you can also use fresh yeast provided you get that in stores) and vinegar. If you have difficulties finding brown sugar, you can use white sugar just that you have to caramelize it.


First, you need to caramelize the sugar. Add water and brown sugar in the ratio of 1:3 and bring it to boil on a stove. You need to constantly keep stirring the mixture until it becomes sticky. Be careful about the stray droplets that might land on your skin when you stir the mixture. You can add vinegar if the mixture is turning out to be too thick to handle.


Take another big pot and pour about half gallon of water. Bring it to boil and pour the brown sugar mixture into it. Boil it for another 30 minutes.


Now you have to get the mixture ready for fermentation. Transfer it into another container and add the packet of yeast to it. Tightly close the container and leave it to ferment for as much as 14 days. After the duration, open the container and you will have your home made beer.


Transfer it into bottles and line them inside your fridge. Serve chilled.


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How To Use Sugar To Brew Beer At Home?