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How To Extract Oil From Lemon Grass At Home

How to extract oil from lemon grass at home? When I first heard this from a Thai friend of mine, I was more than just happy. I have always loved Thai food and Thai food will be incomplete without lemon grass in it. But, my friend revealed many secrets about the elusive lemon grass. She told me that the lemon grass has a lot of medicinal values. The lemon grass oil is often used as a preservative, as it has great anti-fungal properties. Extracting oil from lemon grass can be a good thing because it can consumed with tea, or straight on to the tongue as tincture, or can be used as a therapeutic, topical oil. The thing is, anyone can extract oil from lemon grass at home and use it. In this post, I'm going to tell you all the things that my friend told me about extracting oil from lemon grass..


There are quite a few ways to extract oil from lemon grass. But, this is easiest of them all, especially if you are doing this at home. To extract oil from lemon grass, you will need the following things apart from lemon grass of course: 750 ml olive oil (750ml for 500gm of lemon grass), a glass bowl, a small saucepan, a dark mason jar, and a jelly bag.


1) To extract oil from lemon grass, chop it finely. Then, put it inside a glass bowl that sits above the saucepan with boiling water. Pour in olive oil to the lemon grass and give it a stir.

2) Cover the glass bowl and let it simmer for 2 to 3 hours. Now, remove the bowl from heat and set it aside to cool.

3) Next, cover a bowl with a jelly bag. Pour the oil-lemon grass mixture into the bag. Squeeze the jelly bag and drain out as much oil as possible. Then, throw away the lemon grass residue inside the jelly bag.

4) Take the dark mason jar and pour in the lemon grass oil extract. Seal the jar tightly and set it aside. If stored in a really clean jar, the oil will be good for over a year.


You can extract oil from lemon grass as and when you please. However, the real aroma sets in only after a month. But  do not be discouraged, if your first attempt to extract oil from lemon grass doesn't turn out to be quite successful. Keep trying until you get that perfect concoction.


Mazel Tov!


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How To Extract Oil From Lemon Grass At Home